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Interesting Science on PeptoPro Amino Acids

For about the last two years, we’ve been quite enamored with a product called “Peptibolic” from Empyrean Nutrition:


If you’re a customer that we’ve had the distinct pleasure of talking on the phone with and we’ve recommended this product to you, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Empyrean Nutrition was one of the “early adopters” of PeptoPro amino acid technology in North America, and accordingly, we’ve supported them because we feel their products are validated by science. As you may have discerned from some of my other posts, here at Best Price, we don’t hesitate to call BS on gimmick products.

So what is PeptoPro, and why is it popping up in new supplements all over the Internet?

PeptoPro is hydrolyzed caseinprotein. I know hydrolyzed is a big, intimidating word and it’s easier to just take BCAAs because the guy at your gym told you to, but let’s pull our heads out of the ground for a minute. Hydrolyzed (hydrolysis) simply refers to a chemical process of breakdown. Most processes of digestion are hydrolysis reactions: you’re breaking down something large into progressively smaller parts so it can ultimately be absorbed (in the intestine). So you can think of hydrolyzed as “pre-digested.” Unfortunately, classic hydrolysis of whey resulted in bitter, turbid preparations with very poor solubility. Casein, on the other hand, offered a viable solution due to its unique amino acid structure: when it is hydrolyzed with with PeptoPro’s patented enzyme process, it produces an incredibly high yield of di- and tri-peptide form amino acids.

Why should you care about di- and tri-peptides? Let’s have a look:

peptide-absorption-from-peptoproI’d like to note two things here:

1) Di- and tri-peptides have up to 3x greater absorption than either free-form amino acids or longer chain proteins.

2) Free-form (i.e., single, like your favorite BCAA or arginine product) have the worst absorption of the group.

Amino acids can exist as single amino acids (e.g., l-glutamine), di- and tri-peptides (two or three amino acids bonded together), or longer chains of polypeptides (like your typical whey protein). The di- and tri-peptides in PeptoPro are completely water soluble, and therein lies the competitive advantage:

brushborderaminoacidsfnl2Taking PeptoPro before exercise causes a rapid increase in amino acid levels in the blood because it absorbs so darn fast. Maintaining high levels of amino acids during exercise reverses muscular protein breakdown and starts to stimulate muscle protein synthesis during exercise. PeptoPro most readily maintains the requisite high level of amino acids better than anything else I’m aware of. It also requires zero digestive effort on the part of your body (remember, pre-digested?), whereas other proteins may sit in your stomach during exercise waiting to be broken down into their absorbable parts. Not only is this bloated feeling uncomfortable, but it is indicative of the fact that your valuable amino acids are not making it whereyou intended (your muscles), when you intended (umm, how about now?).

Finally, there was a study done that any strength/power athletes may find relevant about rate of recovery for muscular force:

muscle-recovery-from-peptoproAgain, the peptide-bonded amino acids from PeptoPro win.

Here are the products we have with significant amounts PeptoPro in them:

Empyrean Nutrition Peptibolic

Empyrean Nutrition Peptibolic

Primordial Performance PreMax

Primordial Performance PreMax

Empyrean Nutrition Insu-Pro

Empyrean Nutrition Insu-Pro

Questions about how to make these products work for you? Give us a call at 800-499-4810

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