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MAN Swagger Fat-Burner/Energy Supplement

Buy MAN Swagger from Best Price Nutrition for $26.99

Every once in awhile, a product comes out that I feel compelled to do a write-up on; it’s either because I love a product or because I strongly dislike a popular product and I hate seeing people waste their money on it.

MAN’s new product, “Swagger” (aptly named, if I do say so myself),  fits the bill of the former. I daresay that I love this product. I liked it on paper, but sometimes a wicked-looking formula will fail to deliver. Not this one. The feel matches the formula.

"Live Your Life"? Right... because I wasn't doing that before?

"Live Your Life"? Right… because I wasn't doing that before?

As usual, I’ll justify myself:

1) The right amount of caffeine:

225mg (per serving — 3 capsules) is just about my sweet spot for caffeine content: any more than 300mg and I’m useless, but any less than 200 and I don’t get much out of it. Plus, it’s split into three capsules (at 75mg apiece), so you can ratchet the amount up or down depending on tolerance and desired effect (and time of day, and blah, blah, blah). Many products are so inundated with caffeine — just to make you feel “buzzed” — that they aren’t actually doing anything from a fat-loss standpoint; making you feel like a rodent on cocaine isn’t conducive to anything but, well, feeling like a rodent on cocaine.

2) Full Disclosure:

I’ve talked about this before. I am much more receptive to new products when companies don’t try to conceal their formulas behind the guise of proprietary blends. Swagger is one of the rare products that tells you, down to the milligram, how much of each ingredient it contains. Let me tell you a secret: simpler is better. Full disclosure’s rarity (at least, in this industry) is only rivaled by its awesomeness. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing you — and your wallet — aren’t getting hosed by some half-ass, pixie-dusted “kitchen sink” product.

Note the rubber glove -- avoid kitchen sink products (image a href=The blend is novel and fairly unique, which also garners high marks from me, and takes an expansive approach to fat-loss by offering more than a typical hackneyed fat-burner. Specifically, it addresses all four things I want from a product aimed at fat-loss: appetite suppression, increased energy, increased energy expenditure, and cognitive support. Most products fulfill about two of the four, or decide to forgo anything that might resemble an effective formula in favor of enough stimulants to kill a horse.

There’s Bacopa, Citicoline, Picamilon, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine… lots of interesting, uncommon ingredients. If you have a question about what any of them do just ask. This is one of the better fat-loss products I’ve seen recently, and I’ve been enjoying it simply for the feeling it imparts (i.e., you can still take it even if you do not have any fat-loss goals). Enjoy!

Buy MAN Swagger from Best Price Nutrition for $26.99.

Questions? Call 800-499-4810, or leave ‘em in the comments!

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