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MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest Review Video

MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest Review Video

In-depth review of MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest. Find out what this test booster supplement is, the ingredients and if it lives up to its name.

MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest Review Video

In-depth review of MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest. Find out what this test booster supplement is, the ingredients and if it lives up to its name.

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It's Time To Maximize Your Testosterone Optimization!

Methyl ARIMATEST represents a major breakthrough in testosterone optimization,featuring dual anti-aromatase and 5 alpha-reductase inhibition. The ingredients in this powerful formula have been shown to increase testosterone to over 10,000 pg/mL.

Research reveals a more complete way to increase testosterone levelsbased on a triad of intricate factors: multi-pathway physiological testosterone optimization; methylation techniques for enhanced bio-effectiveness and the application of an advanced bioactive deliver system technology.

Dual Action Testosterone Optimization Innovation

The key technological developments leading to Methyl ARIMATEST’s advanced Dual Action Testosterone Optimization mode of action were elucidated through MuscleMeds analysis and evaluation of the metabolic fate of testosterone in the body and how to optimize testosterone levels and its duration of muscle building anabolic activity. Once produced in the body, testosterone has 3 primary fates:

  • Positive Anabolic Action: Testosterone > Anabolic action on muscles and other tissues for growth and repair.
  • Negative Androgenic Action: Testosterone > Conversion to androgenic dihydrotestosterone by the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme.
  • Negative Estrogenic Action: Testosterone > Conversion to estradiol by aromatase enzymes.

To add another dimensional component to this biochemical web of metabolic events, estradiol levels can serve as a negative feedback signal to reduce luteinizing hormone production, which in turn reduces testosterone production. The implication to this hormonal balancing act means that taking typical one dimensional testosterone boosting products that focus solely on just elevating testosterone levels may result in higher estradiol/estrogen levels in men. (Yes, we are talking about the female hormone.) High estradiol brings unwanted effects like fatty tissue deposits, increased body fat and water retention. What many people don’t know is high estrogen levels can also affect testosterone production. So, you could end up with high estrogen and low testosterone — not exactly the muscle building anabolic environment you are looking for! What the MuscleMeds research team wanted to focus on was creating a multi-dimensional product that would result in helping to create lower estradiol levels to keep testosterone production going strong.

Achieving higher testosterone and a favorable testosterone-to-estrogen ratio (T:E) through natural means is a far different ball game than taking synthetic hormones or prohormones. However, thanks to some key discoveries and new novel ingredients, this is now possible with Methyl ARIMATEST. Methyl ARIMATEST’s formula features a clinically tested Dihydrotase 5 alpha-reductase inhibiting complex, plus an advanced potent methylated anti-aromatase 7-Arimatase. This Dual Action Testosterone Optimizing approach is important for improving, regulating and optimizing key hormones that influence testosterone production and body composition, DHT and estrogen.

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