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My iForce Nutrition Hemavol Review...Pump Baby!

Now I have a different take on some of the products we sell than others in the company. I love getting a nice pump out of a workout...the feeling and look of it. And a product I love for that is Hemavol. This product has been one of the most popular products from iForce Nutrition over the years. Not only because others get that pump feeling, but the taste is awesome and it's not stimulant, which means you can take it alone or even stack it with other stimulant based pre-workouts, a favorite of mine being Noxipro from CTD Labs (try grape and lemon drop mixed together...amazing).

IFORCE Hemavol 32 Servings IFORCE Hemavol 160 Tabs

What Makes Hemavol so Good?

The Pump That We All Want

The ingredients in Hemavol have a very big impact on how it works. Maybe that why it's called the "Hemavol Plasma Volumizer" in all the marketing material? They are very popular in the industry, especially in pre-workouts - Agmatine Sulfate, Citrulline Malate, Glycerol Monostearate and Norvaline. Hemavol has them all and at pretty high doses, especially if you take two scoops or two servings.

Flavors to Workout For

So the other thing that makes it good...the taste (the powder). iForce has it's flavoring down. There have been other products from them where this wasn't the case...cough...Maximize...cough, but with this one as well as others (Compete, Conquer) the taste of the powder is awesome. It comes in Lemon Drop (the best), Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Tangerine. With the flavor, if you have all flavors of anything and I won't budge on the issue, there are also Hemavol Tabs. I don't get as much out of them, but others say they are better. We sell both versions at Best Price Nutrition.

  • Fruit Punch Hemavol
  • Watermelon Hemavol
  • Tangerine Hemavol
  • Lemon Drop Hemavol

Non-Stimulant...Why Would I Want That?

Well I guess there is one more thing that makes it pretty unique. This pre-workout is non-stimulant, so you are not going to get all the caffeine and other stimulants that you would from other pre-workout supplements on the market. This means that you can take it alone when you are off-stimulants for instance. Which is a good thing to do every month or so. I should listen to my own advice. But it also allows you to stack it with other pre-workouts that have stimulants. My favorite is with Noxipro. I know a popular stack in the last year was Hemavol and Craze, though with the absence of Craze, you will need to look for something else.

What Else Should You Know About Hemavol?

Side Effects...What Side Effects?

Some people have asked us about the side effects when taking Hemavol. Now I never noticed much, especially since it has no stimulants. Most people get side effects from pre-workout supplements because of the huge amounts of stimulants, which is not the case here. The only thing I have noticed is some stomach issues if I take 2 servings of Hemavol and then stack it with another pre-workout supplement that has a lot of these same ingredients. Now this has only happened once or twice...and I have taken Hemavol 100's of times, so I really would say that this type of side effect is very rare.

When Should You Take It?

Well it's about an hour for me to get to my gym after a long day at Best Price Nutrition. It's on the way home, so it's not like I am going out of my way. But this allows me time to try to take it at different time and test which works out best for me. One thing to mention, just like with any other pre-workout supplement, you shouldn't eat for within an hour or so of taking it. This can diminish the effects. With that being said, I like to start drinking it 45min before my workout and finish about 15min before. Yes, I am a sipper, but I am sitting in traffic for an hour and need something to do. Try 15min pre, 30min pre and 45min pre workout and see what works best for you.

Should I Take It Everyday?

With any pre-workout, I wouldn't recommend taking it every day. I try to only take pre-workouts 3-4 times per week. Does this always happen? No. Why? Because I love the feeling. With Hemavol, there are only certain days I take it. Arms, Back and Chest. And no, those aren't the only bodyparts I workout lol. For cardio (what's that?), leg day and shoulder day, I usually don't take it. I'll go with a plain ole heavy stimulant pre-workout with no "pump inducing" ingredients. That's mean though, you can do what feels right for you.


So what can you stack it with? If you didn't read above, this can be stacked with almost anything. You can stack it with iForce Conquer, CTD Labs Noxipro, Driven Sports Craze (if you can still find it) or any other pre-workout supplement.

So Where Can You Buy It?

Well I am hoping you stay here at buy it from Best Price Nutrition! We have all the flavored powder and the tablets, so you can get any version of Hemavol you want. Plus we have a lot of discounts on the stacks. You can even find more information from the iForce Website.


By Jeff Moriarty

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