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New Butter Pecan Cookie Protizyme Protein

I have been really excited to find out what the new flavor of Protizyme from Metabolic Nutrition was. I asked our rep a couple times and he wouldn't tell me. My favorite flavor, along with our customers has always been the Peanut Butter Cookie. It's amazing tasting. So when Glenn from Best Price Nutrition left me a box on my desk this morning, I was very excited to open it...and there it was...samples of the new flavor!!!

Butter Pecan Cookie Oh My!

I have never had this type of cookie growing up. I know I like pecans...usually add them to my spinach salad at eat at lunch. But never had them in cookie form. But anything with 'cookie' and with 'protizyme' in the same sentence, I have to try. I only had one shaker bottle in my office, and it was full with creatine (loading this week), so taking 5 grams twice per day. So I downed it as quickly as I could. Didn't want to wait to try this new protein flavor. Next stop was the kitchen so I could clean this shaker bottle out as good as possible. Don't want the orange flavor rubbing off into the new Butter Pecan Cookie goodness.

The First Sip

So you can definitely smell and taste the pecans. The butter is a little more subtle. It tastes just like what it says. Like I said before, I never tasted this type of cookie so I am sure how close it is to that actually cookie your grandma made. It's definitely tasty and a great protein dessert.

The only thing I didn't like is that it has a slight coffee taste. Like the kind of coffee my wife has during the holidays. Which if I was a coffee lover, I would probably love, but I hate coffee, which is why I can't say I would switch from the peanut butter cookie. But it's still a great tasting protein so I would definitely recommend trying it and seeing if you like it!

You can purchase all the Protizyme Flavors here.

- Jeff Moriarty

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