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New CTD Labs Noxipro (Amp Citrate) Review

New Noxipro


One of my favorite pre-workouts ever was Noxipro. With the 1,3 DMAA and the awesome flavors available (like bubblegum), it was so easy to get to the gym. Well the government came in and forced supplement companies to stop using DMAA, so most went to other formulas, including CTD Labs' Noxipro...which changed to CTD Labs Noxipro Chrome. Now we sell a ton of it, but it just wasn't the same as the original.

Well Kenny from CTD Labs dropped by yesterday with a bottle of new Noxipro V2. It got me very excited. He told me it was everything the original was, but without the crash. I didn't believe him (I mean how could it be like the original), but I wanted to try it anyway. He poured two scoops in a shaker cup for me, which I planned to use last night at the gym...and this is how it went.

My Noxipro V2 Thoughts

So I got to the gym late last night. Planned on legs, but ended up doing arms (worked out with the wife). I took the two scoops and mixed it up in my blender bottle and drank it down about 15min before my workout. I want to say it kicked in about 10min into my workout (so try drinking it 30min pre). And wow...did it kick in. I can honestly say this is one of the first pre-workouts I have tried where I knew I was taking something different than before. This wasn't like, oh yeah this makes me feel good, this was like good-God what is going on. So much focus and energy. Not heart beating energy, but like a high-like energy with tunnel vision. The workout was easy. I busted through every set like nothing. Pumps were amazing. This was different than anything I had ever taken...since Noxipro, the original. He was was just like it. If you are a stim junkie, you will love this shit. I promise you that!

Some Warnings the workout was spectacular. I waited for the crash afterwards, but it never came. But the focus and energy didn't leave either. I was still pumped for hours afterwards. I actually didn't get to sleep until about 3am this morning. My mind was focused and dialed in. Eventually I did fall asleep. So my recommendation?

  • Start with only 1 scoop
  • If you are jumping into two scoops, don't do it 6-8 hours before bedtime


The flavor wasn't too bad. Fruit Punch isn't my favorite, but it's only their first flavor and I know they will come out with more. Drinking it was easy. No problems mixing it either. Would love to stack it with Noxivol as well when it is released. If one of you does this, please let me know how it works.

UPDATE 12/12/14: Cherry Limeade

I was just sent this flavor for the product and it's awesome. I am not a huge fan of fruit punch, so I was very happy to see this flavor out. It tastes incredible. Not trying to steer you away from fruit punch, but try both flavors and let me know what you think. Mixes easily...and goes down very smooth.


This shit is strong. This is different than anything out there right now. If you are sensitive to stims, stay away, or only take a 1/2 scoop. If you are a stim junkie, you WILL LOVE IT. This is going to sell big, because it works. Get ready.


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