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Novex Biotech Endothil-CR Review Video

Novex Biotech Endothil-CR Review Video

In depth review of Novex Biotech Endothil-CR. Learn about the side effects, ingredients, whom this supplement is for and how you should take it.

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From Novex Biotech

In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the strangest in the history of athletic performance, an offshoot of research directed to help victims of muscle atrophy has now become an underground cult phenomenon among bodybuilders, world-class athletes and, strangely enough, couch potatoes from the “boomer” generation. And, if consumer sales are any indication of a product’s effectiveness, Endothil®-CR is nothing short of a miracle. Both professional athletes and weekend warriors are buying so much Endothil-CR (especially after the ban on steroids and steroid precursors) that finding a box has become just about impossible. Has everyone gone crazy? Well… not really.
Scientific Breakthrough or Dumb Luck?

Although Endothil-CR’s functional component was already backed by clinical trials documenting its ability to impact the proper development of muscle and strength programs, the success of Endothil-CR as a bodybuilding product was “dumb luck,” says Louis Rinaldi, spokesperson for Novex Biotech®, the compound’s developers.

“When research was first published on the compound’s ability to help rebuild traumatized muscle tissue, trainers (believe it or not, a lot of athletic trainers are physical therapists who help get trauma victims back in shape) began suggesting the compound’s muscle and strength-building attributes could be a safe replacement for steroids and steroid-like compounds,” says Rinaldi. “As these cutting-edge trainers began recommending the compound to their competitive clients, they began to receive feedback like, ‘I can’t believe how much it helps my muscle and strength program’ and ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this.’”

Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D., Novex Biotech’s Director of Scientific Affairs, says, “Clearly, people were seeing results, but we didn’t have a scientific explanation as to why this muscle mass and strength impact was occurring. However, based on the incredibly positive reports, it is impossible to just ignore the effectiveness of Endothil-CR.”

Dumb Luck Strikes Again!

Then, in 2003, the results of an independent study of 31 fit males was released. During a double-blind, six-week bodybuilding study, the active compound in Endothil-CR increased upper body strength by 100% and lower body strength by 249% after concentrated exercise (as measured by the amount of weight participants could bench press and leg press). And biceps circumference increased dramatically over placebo – more than a four-fold increase in circumference versus almost no increase with the placebo group (who were on the same bodybuilding program).

Since the study’s release in December of 2003, researchers have been seeking a natural source for the active Endothil-CR compound. Finally, Novex Biotech discovered that, of all things, an extract of a special strain of green tomatoes could provide the active compound in the precise amount needed.

That discovery led to Endothil-CR… a unique and proven method for muscle size and strength beyond what is acquired through the normal recruitment and differentiation of progenitor muscle cells. Finally, a way to assist your bodybuilding program for muscle and strength without steroids or steroid-like precursors.

A compound that has not been banned by any amateur or professional organized sporting body including the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Buy Endothil-CR for $35.95

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