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PES High Volume Review: Swoleness

PES High Volume


I am a huge fan of 'pump' products and love trying them out. I know a few of the founding members here at Best Price Nutrition don't quite believe in 'pump' supplements, but I love them. I have tried them all and some have worked great (iForce Hemavol, ANS Dilate), some haven't done anything (Pump HD, Pump X3) and some were ok. There are probably dozens more I have tried over the past few years...those are just some of the ones I remembered.

So when PES decided to send me a bottle of the new High Volume, which used to be under the Athletix Sports brand, but PES purchased it from them and made the formula even better, I jumped at the opportunity. First I love pump products, like I mentioned above, and second, I love the PES Brand. They have some great formulas. Especially the Snickerdoodle protein and the Erase. So anyway...back to High Volume.


So to give you a better idea of what High Volume is. It's a non stimulant pre-workout pump supplement. And it's not just any pump product, this product has some great ingredients at some heavy doses:

  • L-Citrulline 4,000mg
  • Arginine Nitrate 2,000mg
  • Agmatine Sulfate 1,000mg
  • Taurine, Glycerol 65% etc 3,740mg

They are really giving you some good doses of great ingredients shown to (well shown to me in the past) to get that blood pumping and increase the vascularity during your workout and afterwards.

 PES High Volume Ingredients

My High Volume Review

When did I use it first...on arm day of course!

So I decided to take it according to the directions and downed it in about 12oz of water about 30min before my workout. I drive about an hour to get to the gym from my job, so 30min in it was gone. The Blue Frost tastes pretty good so it was easy to drink.

Pump 9/10

This gave me a massive pump in the gym. After about 20min of working a buddy I haven't seen in a couple days said "Either you shrunk your shirt, or you have gotten huge in the last week". Well the only difference since the last time I had seen him was taking this product. Now the pumps started in pretty quickly…I would say I could feel them within 10min of starting my workout. It definitely lasted the entire time and I felt a pump on the way home too. So how long does the pump last?...I would say a good 2-3 hours after I drank it down.

Taste 8/10

As I mentioned earlier, the taste was pretty good. Not the absolute best thing I have tasted, but I did enjoy drinking it. Makes it a lot easier to take a pre-workout when it actually tastes good. Mixed easily with a blender bottle too…no clumping or huge amounts of product left at the bottle of the bottle.

What If You Want Energy?

So this is really just a pre-workout pump product. High Volume doesn’t have stimulants. So since my initial try with this product, I have taken it along with caffeine pills. Makes it a much better experience in my opinion. Not only do I get the pump, but I always get a good amount of energy. And caffeine pills are cheap. You can buy Kaizen Caffeine Capsules for Only $5.99.

Final Thoughts

If you live for the pump, I would definitely try this product. It’s got some amazing ingredients and big doses. No pixie dusting in High Volume. You can purchase High Volume for $28.99

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