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PES Select Protein Review - Snickerdoodle

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a great holiday season! Well it's a couple days before Christmas and I thought; why not review a great tasting holiday-type protein powder. And guess what samples I was sent? PES Select Protein Snickerdoodle! For those of you that never have had a snickerdoodle, head to your local grocery store or bakery and get some of these delicious cookies. Available for Only $27.99

PES Select Protein

So before I start my review, based on taste, Glenn from Best Price Nutrition reviewed the actually protein itself. He goes through the ingredients, the pros and the flavors of this new protein.

Review Video

My Snickerdoodle PES Protein Select Review

Taste/Flavors (10/10)

With protein, I am not going to go through the ingredients and such, I am just reviewing the taste, main points and mixability. So first off, the taste. There are 3 flavors of this protein available; Snickerdoodle, Milk Chocolate and Cookies N Cream. I only had the Snickerdoodle and it was delicious. Like Metabolic Nutrition Peanut Butter Cookie delicious. Tastes just like a snickdoodle cookie...the cinnamon and all. Perfect for the holidays. I even mixed it up with some vanilla greek yogurt and it tasted amazing. You cannot go wrong with this flavor. If you want a protein that tastes more like a dessert, buy it!

Mixability (10/10)

I tried mixing this with water, low fat milk and yogurt. Each time it mixed very well with no clumps. I used a blender bottle for the low fat milk and water...and no problems at all. If you are using a glass and a spoon, I am not sure. Just pick up a blender of the best inventions in our industry.

Price (9/10)

Now the price in this product is pretty good too. You get 27 servings for about $28.00. That's not bad at all. That about 24 grams of protein for $1....and it's tastes like a dessert. That's a 1-2 punch right there.

Overall (10/10)

If you are looking for a great tasting protein and want to try something know...other than vanilla or chocolate AGAIN, test out this flavor. I don't think you can go wrong!


By Jeff Moriarty

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