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Synedrex is Discontinued, Try Raze!

One of our most popular fat burners called Synedrex from Metabolic Nutrition was recently discontinued. We sold through our almost 1,500 bottles in less than a month. This is how popular this product really was!

Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex 45 Caps\

Why Was This Product so Popular?

It was due to the ingredients and mood boosting effects. One of the main ingredients was 1,3 DMAA, which is not available in very many products anymore. But we do have hope for you that are looking for an alternative...RAZE.

Synedrex Alternative

Kaizen Raze is another strong fat burner that we have carried since mid-2013. This is just as strong as the Synedrex and gives you the 1,3 DMAA that you want in your fat burner.

Kaizen Raze 120 Caps

Why Try Raze?

  • Improved: Energy
  • Enhanced Physical Performance
  • Imporved Thyroid Function
  • Increased Mental alertness
  • Decreased Fatigue & Appetite


And best of all, it includes the popular ingredient 1,3 DMAA! Buy a 1-2 month supply for $34.99!

By Jeff Moriarty

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