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Ultimate T is USPLabs NEW Test Booster

USPLabs Ultimate T is Coming!

 USPLabs Ultimate T

USPLabs Ultimate T will be the next breakout supplement addded to the company's growing product line.  You are probably already familiar with popular products from the company like Jack3d and Modern BCAA.  Ultimate T is the 2nd product USPLabs has added in as many months.  You can read our post about Modern Protein, their new blended protein also.

Ultimate T is a testosterone support that also helps regulate cortisol levels.  At this point, details about the product are quite limited.  All we have to go on is the product bottle the company released.  We do know the product will offer a 30 day supply.

Ultimate T Benefits

We don't know what ingredients are being used in the formula, but we will share some common benefits of increasing testosterone.

• Improved Cardiovascular Function

• Increased Energy Levels

• Supports Healthy Bones

• Improved Sexual Performance

• Better Mood

Ingredient Profile

The ingredient profile for USPLabs Modern T isn't currently avaialable.  We have listed a few of the ingredients commonly used in testosterone boosters below.

• D-Aspartic Acid


• Saw Palmetto

• Fungreek

• Tribulus

• Giseng

• King Oysters

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Release Date

USP Labs has not offered a specific release date yet.  Coming on the heels of Modern Protein, we expect it to be in June/July.  We will certainly offer details as they become available.

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