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UPS Protein GH Boosting Night Formula Soon!

NEW UPS Protein Sleep Formula

USP Protein

UPS Protein is the company that brought you standout products like Aminoade, CRAZY, and Ultimate BCAA 4:1:1.  They just released news that they are developing a nighttime formula as well.  This continues a trend of adding new products to their line.  Within the last 6 months they have released 2XL Mass Gain, Beta Shred, and Ultimate Male.

UPS has revealed only a few details on the forthcoming product, describing it as a "GH boosing deep sleep formula".  Supplement companies are starting to focus more on niche markets.  Every company has a pre-workout, protein, and creatine supplement so its hard to distinguish yourself from the competition.  Sleep plays an integral role in the recovery process and maintaing a healthy immune system.  This leads to bigger, stronger muscles.


The picture released by UPS shows two blank containers.  We expect there to be two flavors initially, but not sure which two those will be.

Ingredient Profile

The Australian supplement company has yet to release any information on the ingredient list for their newest product.  When more information is available we will certainly update our customers.

Release Date

No release date has been declared.  UPS Protein has several other products they have hinted at over the past few months, so we expect Amino Greens to be released beforehand.

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