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Video: Pre-, During-, & Post-workout Supplements

Hey guys!

Welcome to the FIRST EVER video blog post — vlog — on Best Price Nutrition. This time, there’s no need for you to read on. Just push play!


FYI we took about three drafts of this and it went from 15 minutes to 9 minutes to the current state: 5 minutes. I had a lot to say and it was hard to fit it into the five minutes so if I raised any questions that were not addressed adequately, just ask below.

Finally, give me a free pass on that awkward moment near the end. A coworker started asking me a question not realizing I was live and I get completely derailed. We all had a few laughs at my “Ron Burgundy”-esque moment there.

Im... Tim.. from Best Price Nutrition? But mostly, stay classy.

I'm… Tim… from Best Price Nutrition? But mostly, stay classy.

I was really excited to do this so I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Here are the products mentioned (click images):

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