Candy Corn Flavored Focus XT By Serious Nutrition Solutions

Candy Corn Flavored Focus XT By Serious Nutrition Solutions

Serious Nutrition Solutions announces new, Candy Corn flavor of Focus XT!!

October & spooky Season are officially here, y'all! with halloween being right around the corner, the popular company serious nutrition solutions decided to join in on the festivities. the company recently came out with a brand-new, candy corn themed flavor of their popular focus supplement, focus xt. Focus XT is a major fan favorite amongst the health & nutrition community. It's great if you just need a little boost of energy & focus. It's formula is made of Nootropics & other ingredients that work to extend caffeine's half-life. Many people even use it as a replacement for coffee.

Where can i get Serious nutrition solutions candy corn focus xt??

Best Price Nutrition currently has the Candy Corn Focus XT flavor in stock in our warehouse. It is ready to ship & sells for $27.99 for a 30 serving tub. join in on the halloween fun & be sure to pick up your tub today before we sell out!! GET FOCUSED ON HALLOWEEN NOW, y'all!!

May 20th 2023

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