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Myokem mTOR Pro 30 Servings

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mTOR Pro | Myokem

Myokem created mTOR Pro to stand out from the crowd. The supplement market already had plenty of other BCAA and Amino Acid supplements, so Myokem wanted to create a product that took things to the next level. They decided the key would be Active TR, a time-released L-Leucine. Leucine in the most probolic amino acid, and mTOR Pro is designed to deliver the benefits of BCAA's 3 hours after consumption, but then again 3 hours later. This truly extends the probolic environment for muscle growth and recovery. Your body will stay probolic for up to 8 hours!

Besides the revolutionary Active TR, mTOR Pro has also added Taurine, B Vitamins, Essential Amino Acids, AstraGin, and Electrolytes. These ingredients will help ensure proper hydration, increase muscle building, accelerate recovery, and reduce inflammation. Myokem mTOR Pro has taken what other supplement companies have done with BCAA and Amino Acid supplements, and taken it to brand new level.

Active TR is the Key!

• Time Released L-Leucine

• Extends Probolic Window

• Can be Taken Post-Workout or Before Bed

• Designed to Release Multiple Doses of L-Leucine 3 Hours Apart

mTOR Pro Benefits

• Active TR (Time Released L-Leucine)

• 2.5 Grams of EAA's

• More Size & Strength

• Improved Muscle Recovery

• Optimizes Hydration


mTOR Pro stacks extremely well with other products Myokem products including Pyroxamine and Nitramine.

Pyroxamine: Thermogenic weight supplement that burns fat and helps control appetite.

Nitramine: Pre-workout supplement that provides energy, focus, and long-lasting muscle pumps.


• Dragon Fruit

• Havana Sunrise


Mix 1 scoop of mTOR Pro in 12 to 16oz of water. On workout days take during your workout. On non-workout days, drink throughout the day for better recovery. For even better results, drink 2 servings per day. Can be used by men and women.


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