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Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein Powder 2 lbs

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What: Ultimate Muscle Protein is a powdered drink mix made from top quality protein sources. As a protein supplement to the diet, UMP is intended to be mixed with cold water, milk, or the beverage of your choice and consumed before and after exercise and at any other time of day in order to encourage greater gains in muscle mass, tone, strength, and performance, and reductions in body fat.

UMP is intended for use by healthy, exercising individuals 18 years of age and older. Bodybuilders, fitness or figure competitors, mixed martial artists, models, powerlifters and other individuals who regularly engage in resistance and/or cardiovascular exercise can benefit from adding UMP to their daily diet.

UMP contains ingredients that scientific studies suggest will support and enhance*:

  • * Total Body Mass
  • * Fat-free Mass (includes Muscle)
  • * Strength
  • * Myofibrillar Protein+
  • * Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels
  • * Gluconeogenesis
  • * Thermogenesis
  • * Blood Glucose Levels
  • * Free Radical Protection
  • * Mental Performance and Resistance to Stress
  • * Mood
  • * Preservation of Muscle Mass During Rest

+To build muscle tissue your body must increase the quantity of myofibrillar protein inside your muscle cells, or fibers. This causes your muscles to increase in size and strength. Myofibrillar proteins are responsible for producing force during the process of muscle contraction. They also contribute to the size, tone, shape and definition of your muscles. UMP's important differences from other protein powders

  • * "Probolic Leverage": UMP's exceptionally high MPI content (90% by protein weight) -possibly the highest in the world- is intended to generate and sustain high "probolic leverage". This refers to the exertion of high upward leverage, or pressure, on the multiple genetic and non-genetic factors that normally act to suppress muscle protein synthesis. Muscle protein synthesis is required to build muscle tissue. When enough probolic leverage is generated and sustained, these factors loosen their grip on protein synthesis. In turn, this allows for greater gains in muscle mass, strength, tone and definition. Beverly is not aware of any other company that manufactures a protein powder with such a high content of MPI. MPI has been referred to as the "leverage protein" for its ability to support high probolic leverage.
  • * 80/20: Owing to its exceptionally high content of MPI, each serving of UMP contains 80% slow-release micellar casein and 20% fast-release whey.
  • * "Critical Cluster" Amino Acids: UMP contains additional "critical cluster" amino acids, namely, glutamine, arginine and BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine) to encourage greater muscle anabolism and vasodilation, among other benefits.
  • * "Clinical Dose": Clinical studies have demonstrated increases in total body mass, fat-free (includes muscle) mass, strength and myofibrillar protein when subjects consumed 20 g of protein before and again after training (i.e. 40 g total). These studies used proteins containing far less MPI than Beverly's UMP. UMP contains 20 g of protein per serving, 90% (18 g) of which is "high leverage" MPI.
  • * The "Anytime" Protein: UMP's unique profile of nutritional ingredients is capable of satisfying muscle building or shaping needs of all kinds, at any time of day or night. Use it 24/7.
  • * "Addictively Appetizing": UMP comes in a variety of "addictively appetizing" flavors with dessert-like taste. UMP can certainly cushion the disappointment and sense of anti-climax experienced with every other protein powder you've tried. Each one is prepared by a flavor chemist who painstakingly combines aromas, essential oils and essences using a process that is as much art as it is science. Beverly's flavor chemists just improved UMP chocolate and cookies & creme flavors. Now they taste even more addictively appetizing than ever.
  • * "Perfect Consistency": By law, "one scoop" is supposed to be the amount that mixes properly in a cup of water. If UMP consisted of 100% MPI, one scoop of it wouldn't mix properly. The consistency would be too thick. In accordance with the law, and to make customers happy, Beverly added just enough whey protein isolate (5%, depending on the flavor) to produce a more desirable consistency. Consistent with Beverly's code of supplement manufacturing ethics, they used the best quality whey protein isolate available (high %, low in lactose).

How: Ultimate Muscle Protein is perfect in place of a meal, between meals, and after training. UMP is ideal before bed, as it feeds your muscles a timed released supply of aminos, keeping you in a positive nitrogen balance while you sleep.

Directions For Beverly Int. Ultimate Muscle Protein: Add one scoop of Ultimate Muscle Protein Drink Mix powder into 1 cup of water. Shake or blend until smooth.

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United States United States
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Anyone.
  • Age? 46

I’ve been using this for as long as I can remember. People have tried to get me to switch, but UMP can’t be beat.

United States United States
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Everyone!
  • Age? 65
Best Protein on the Market

We LOVE UMP Protein! It tastes delicious without adding any fruit or anything else and it mixes well. It is our "go to" protein. My husband adds it to oatmeal to pump up his morning, and I make pancakes with it...water, eggs, protein.

Mario H.
United States United States
BI UMP it’s a great protein

Best in the market, ice tried different and this is by far the best product out there.

Melissa B.
United States United States
  • Age? 38
  • Who would you recommend this product to? EVERYONE
One of my favorite Proteins

This flavor is delicious. It tastes more like a milkshake then a protein shake. Very impressed.

United States United States
  • Age? 74
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Anyone

Excellent. . Even when there was a problem it was corrected quickly and efficiently

United States
UMP is great

I have used UMP by Beverly for years for my breakfast drink. I gives me a good start lots of energy and easy on the stomach.

Jordan M.
United States
  • Age? 36
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Everyone
UMP Protein

This is the best protein I've ever taken. Mixes well, tastes great, and the value is right on.

C&C underdelivered

Still better than many C&C flavoured proteins I have tried, but I was entirely underwhelmed by UMP's C&C. After hearing only good things, and having the Rocky Road flavour (which I found to be fantastic) I was expecting big things, but was totally let down. Really reminded me of ON's C&C flavour, maybe a bit better. Nowhere near as good as another brands C&C flavour, which I now avoid due to past spiking scandals with that company. Sigh. The search continues.

BI is the BEST

Dissolves perfectly. Great taste. Been using BI products for years and it's the only company I trust when it comes to great nutrition/supplement products!

Fantastic product

First time using anything like this. Training for bikini competitions at the age of 50 isn't easy. This seems to be a great product and delivers as advertised. Taste great too. Got the chocolate flavor. No powdery taste and mixes well. Fantastic.

Great taste, geat service

I have ordered UMP for many years. I love the taste and Best Price Nutrition gives great service. Each time I order it comes faster than expected. I use it for a breakfast drink along with either yogurt or kefir, then I add a little cinnamon and shake it up in a shaker bottle. It makes a tasty quick breakfast especially on days I have to be at work early.

Sweething 1.
Very satisfied!

Love the UMP product, love the convenience, love the service, love the price!

UMP by Beverly is a great tasting protein powder. The ingredients are high quality. Great supplement for building lean muscle. Vanilla flavor is very good, with no strange after taste.

UMP by Beverly is a great tasting protein powder. The ingredients are high quality. Great supplement for building lean muscle. Vanilla flavor is very good, with no strange after taste.

It's the best there is!

As I said that I love this product!!!! I use the vanilla flavor and it taste great. I would recommend it to anyone. I.I would love to drink it with every meal if I could!!! I feel full and it gives me extra energy. I am seventy two years old and have used it for about five years. Love the flavor! Could not imagine not drinking this first thing every morning!!! Keep up the good work! Don't change a thing about it!!!

Great Product

I have tried Strawberry and then Vanilla UMP and like both a lot. I mix the Vanilla UMP with red raspberries but like it as a stand alone as well. Best product of this type that I have ever tried.

Best Protein ever

I love Beverly's products!!!!

Will buy it again

This Ultimate Muscle Protein product was recommended by a trainer several years ago. At that time I purchased it from BPN and loved it. Over time I quit working out as much and quit supplementing with protein. Recently I recommitted to a healthier lifestyle again and realized I was lacking in protein and needed to supplement my diet. After reviewing many options (again) I decided to come back to this product. I still love it. The taste is amazing ( if you feel you need a ���treat�۝ add just enough water to the vanilla powder to make a paste and it tastes like cake batter). The protein/calories/carbs /fat were exactly what I was looking for. I WILL BE ORDERING MORE!

Great pre or post workout snack

I love this UMP product, especially the cookies and cream flavor. I started using it several years ago as a pre or post workout supplement. Typically, I'm going straight from work to my workout and definitely need the fuel to get me through or I would be starving by the time I got home and made dinner. It's the perfect 'snack' for me to fill this time gap between my afternoon snack and dinner and it gets me through my workout!

Great product!

I have tried all types of proteins over the years but this is by far the best!

Love this!

I buy the chocolate and vanilla and they mix well with lots of foods. No aftertaste. Would recommend highly!