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ProLab Amino Gel Caps 200 Softgels

by Prolab
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ProLab Amino Gel Caps 200 Softgels

ProLab Amino Gel Caps contain a whopping 1495mg of full spectrum amino acids as well as 121mg of L-Lecuine. While we do obtain amino acids from whole foods the higher nutritional demands of bodybuilders and athletes may require additional support and that's where ProLab Amino Gel Caps come in. If you're looking for increased strength, increased muscle gains, faster muscle recovery and less soreness after training grab yourself a bottle of ProLab Amino Gel Caps!

ProLab Amino Gel Caps Highlights & Benefits

  • Supports Increased Muscle Strength, Muscle Growth and Recovery
  • Alleviates Post Training Soreness
  • Helps Support Normal Digestion
  • 1495mg Full Spectrum Amino Acids
  • 121mg L-Leucine


Take a serving of 3 softgels twice daily. Best when taken 45 minutes following a meal or immediately following a workout. 

ProLab Amino Gel Caps 200 Softgels Ingredients & Label

ProLab Amino Gel Caps Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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