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Allmax Nutrition IMPACT Igniter 20 Servings

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flavor: Blue Raspberry

Allmax Nutrition Impact Igniter

The Most Potent Allmax Pre-Workout Ever Created!

It's what we have all been waiting for. The ultimate pump and energy supplement from Allmax Nutrition. It's time to pre-workout like you mean it! This product was formulated with better science for extreme workouts and better results than anything you have ever experienced before. Impact Igniter is the pre-workout from which all other supplements will be judged. This is a full clinically dosed pre-workout for ultimate pumps, energy and muscle building. You will get even better results from your workouts the more you use it. Not only built by science, but perfected through research and proven by athletes. This is the pre-workout supplement you have been waiting for.

Results & Benefits

  • Extreme Motivation
  • Insane Energy
  • Crazy Muscle Swelling Pumps and Vascularity
  • Improved Fat Loss & Muscle Building

Why it Works: The Ingredients

  • BETA ALANINE 3200 mg
  • TAURINE 1000 mg
  • NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) 500 mg
  • LION’S MANE 300 mg
  • ALPHA-GPC 150 mg
  • CITRULLINE MALATE 2:1 6000 mg

So Why better Workouts?

Allmax Nutrition Impact Igniter includes ingredients that have studied all over the world in dozens of trials showing amazing results for energy, muscle building and strength gains. Allmax Nutrition built this product with the absolute best ingredients that they knew would produce amazing results for you. These ingredients mean the best workout you ever had, every time. That's why you take a pre-workout supplement right? You want to perform at your highest level. You need to push yourself to the limits to get those results. And Impact Igniter is the supplement to get you there.

Directions & Dosage

Allmax Nutrition recommends that you take Impact Igniter with 12 to 16 ounces of cold water about 30 minutes before your workout. You can stack this product with other Allmax Nutrition supplements that do not contain caffeine or other stimulants. You should never take more than 1 scoop in a 24 hour period.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Serving Size:

Per 1/2 Scoop (8.2 g)

Per Container ~40
Per 1 Scoop (16.4 g)

Per Container ~20
Amount %DV∆ Amount %DV∆

Calories 20 40
Total Carbohydrate <1 g <1%∆ 1 g <1%∆
Calcium (Calcium Silicate & Dicalcium Phosphate) 40 mg 3% 80 mg 6%

Muscle Swelling Pump Activator
L-Citrulline Malate (2:1) 3000 mg ‡ 6000 mg ‡
Agmapure® (Agmatine Sulfate) 500 mg ‡ 1000 mg ‡
Taurine 500 mg ‡ 1000 mg ‡
NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) 250 mg ‡ 500 mg ‡

Muscle Endurance Activator
Beta Alanine 1600 mg ‡ 3200 mg ‡
Coconut Water Powder (Cocus nucifera, fruit) 250 mg ‡ 500 mg ‡
[Higenamine HCI, Synephrine HCI & Hordenine HCI] 110 mg ‡ 220 mg ‡

AFT™ Active Fat Transporter
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 500 mg ‡ 1000 mg ‡
Caffeine (Dicaffeine Malate, Natural Caffeine [Coffea canephora, seed extract] & Caffeine Citrate) 200 mg ‡ 400 mg ‡

AlphaMind Advanced Focus
Lionize™ (Lion’s Mane Mushroom [Hericium erinaceus] mycelium extract) 150 mg ‡ 300 mg ‡
Alpha GPC (std. to 50% Alpha Glycerol-Phosphoryl-Choline) 75 mg ‡ 150 mg ‡

Advanced Absorption Blend
Cinnulin PF® (Cinnamon [Cinnamomum cassia & burmanni] bark extract) 5 mg ‡ 10 mg ‡
BioPerine® (Black Pepper [Piper nigrum] fruit extract std. min. 95% Piperine) 2.5 mg ‡ 5 mg ‡

∆ Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
‡ Daily value (DV) not established.
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, FD&C Red #40.

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David B.
United States United States

Super wide awake

Like three cups of coffee but no stomach problems, no jitters.

  • Who would you recommend this product to? Anyone who likes a caffiene hit.
  • Age? Any age
David B.
United States United States

Clear-eyed energy

I’ve been using this product more as a coffee substitute than pre-workout. Gives the same energy boost as about three cups of coffee without the acid or time of coffee. Easy, quick.

  • Age? 16 and up.
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Anyone who needs an afternoon boost
David B.
United States United States

Like three cups of coffee.

I like the instant jolt I get from this stuff. No stomach issues, no nervous speedy feeling. Wears off in 3-4 hours.

  • Age? 25-80
  • Who would you recommend this product to? lifters
Corinne Z.
France France

All max igniter

After a lot of researchs on these types of products, I was looking for something to energise me ( suffering from chronic fatigue),I choose this one. It’s magical !! Less than half of the spoon and my tiredness is gone !!! Going out shopping or doing whatever I want, only people who suffered from fatigue will understand how horrible it is being stuck This site is super and the mails are so funnny , make me smile I have tried others preworkout before but none was so efficient, I suggest to try half cup the first times if you are tiny like me‍

  • Age? Adult
  • Who would you recommend this product to? everybody with no heart problem
United States United States

Awesome Preworkout

Gives great endurance, pump, and tastes good

  • Age? 53
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Gym goers
Denise L.
United States United States


I love it, gives me the best energy and also pump my muscles up. Definitely the best pwo I ever tried.

  • Age? All
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Everyone who wants to perform in the best possible way
Dianne G.
United States United States

Great preworkout

Gives energy that lasts, good flavor!

  • Age? 53
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Gym goers
Lisa G.
United States United States

Impact by Allmax

Really enjoy this product. Was using razor 8 until it was no longer available. Replaced it with Impact.

  • Age? 56
  • Who would you recommend this product to? I do recommend it to my friends. 2 now use the product.
Cleveland G.
United States United States

Allmax impact igniter

It's a great product. The product get you pump up

  • Age? 56
  • Who would you recommend this product to? I recommend this product to everyone
Dwayne G.
United States

Impact igniter

Great pre workout drink . Taste great , got me through workout with energy still in tank . I will use again .

  • Age? 54
  • Who would you recommend this product to? Yes
United States

Allmax Impact Igniter

Excellent product. Label is accurate for energy, focus and muscle swell. No noticeable negative effects later in the day. I personally have began using this before morning workouts as a routine.


Gotta give it a try, can't say a bad thing

Never wrote a review in my life. there was a lot of hype surrounding this product so i had to give it a try. Allmax has been a very reputable company with great products but has always seemed to have a not so great pre-work out. I've tried many other pre's lately with no stims, just pump ingredients. I thought C4 ultimate would finally break my biased opinion of cellcour, but it did not. The best pre-work out I've had was Musclepharms hardcore series wreckage. Impact however is even better then that the focus is amazing, the taste it on point, mixes unbelievable and gives an amazing pump with 0 jitters. Allmax nailed this. Everyone must at least try this product even a half scoop will get you an amazing work out


Clean long lasting energy and focused

Not one to give reviews until this came along .. great pre workout best I've tried so far and I've tried a few big names!


New & Different

This product is definitely different than any other pre workout I have ever tried. I cant really describe it but I find that I have to really concentrate on proper breathing while on Impact. Just getting used to it, but if I dont breathe right while performing a set Im really winded by the end of it. But once I payed attention to my breathing all of the aspects of this product fell into place. I have only used it twice on workout days and 3 times on non workout days and I cant feel its effect. I feel stronger and have more endurance on workout days and on non workout days the pump can still be felt. I will be ordering this product again. fruit punch is what I ordered maybe i'll try the other flavor

A Best Price Nutrition Customer
Mr. T


It took my workout to the next level, lots of energy, great focus...felt great. Never had a pre-workout like this. I have been taking Lion's Mane for a while as a stand alone supp, but now I get it with my pre-workout at a fraction of the cost! Thank You ALLMAX!*


Clean energy! Laser focus

Ok, I've been in "pre workout limbo" for a couple years now. They all seem to be crazy loaded with stims where you feel like you are going to die or you have some crazy physiological effect on your being that is not pleasant. IMPACT has made me excited to take a pre workout again. It is a smooth operator. Clean. Meaning clean energy where you have a great boost to get it done without squirreling out from being over stimmed.... and then add in the FOCUS factor, amazing!! ...You look at the clock, an hour has gone by and you are still killlin it and looking for more to do. Hands down my new "go to"

A Best Price Nutrition Customer


What I want from a pre-workout is clean, focused energy that will allow me to reach almost "zen-like" state while I am training. I DO NOT want to be overstimulated, nor feel like I am about to have a panic attack! IMPACT IGNITER hits that perfect sweet spot where I feel strong, powerful and energized from first rep to last, with a true feeling of "tunnel-vision" during every set. The pumps that IMPACT provide are profound and begin even while simply warming up. Stamina and endurance are maxed for the entire 90 minutes to 2 hours I spend in the gym each day. The only downside to IMPACT is that it makes me feel so freaking good that I don't ever want to stop training!!!


Best pre workout I've tried

I have to say, they weren't kidding when they said this was going to be a great product. Mental focus and pump is great, high energy, no crash afterward! Excited to see the effects of the fat transporter