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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene with Ephedra 100 Tabs

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene w/25mg Ephedra Extract 100 Tabs

Our top selling thermogenic fat loss supplement for the last 3 years has been Lipodrene from Hi-Tech Pharamceuticals. Lipodrene is the most potent diet aid on the market today to help you lose fat. Unlike other formulas, this product contains proven ingredients (caffeine, Ephedra and now DMAA free) to literally dissolve the fat around you mid section, glutes and thighs. It can also help burn fat in the arms, chest and other areas of the body. How does it work? This is a natural fat burning supplement that stops the absorption of fat. It also helps to suppress your appetite. These two highlights along with its fat burning properties make it the PERFECT fat burner for any man or women needing to lose weight. It's pharmaceutical grade and will help strip away the layers of fat on your body so you can reach your ideal physique in the shortest amount of time possible.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Original Lipodrene w/25mg Ephedra Extract Benefits:

  • Effective Fat Burning Thermogenic
  • Suppresses the appetite by blocking the re-uptake of Serotonin
  • Burns fat by increasing the metabolic rate
  • Potent Stimulant to produce Long Lasting Energy
  • Improves overall Mood
  • Strongest Diet Aid on the Market


You can click on the reviews tab to find over 90 reviews from satisfied customers. This is a huge seller for both men and women. Try Lipodrene now!



Looking for something a little more from Lipodrene? Then check out Lipodrene Hardcore!

Lipodrene Hardcore offers slightly more stimulants to provide you an extremely potent stimulant that was developed for hardcore athletes. Lipodrene Hardcore is a rapid release 700mg tablet with 25mg. ephedra extract. The many stimulants in Lipodrene Hardcore are great for those who have had trouble with little energy during their weight loss programs. This will provide you much more energy so you don't have to feel tired when dieting. This version helps you feel energized at a constant pace so you don't have to go through feeling jumpy or having energy crashes. It will also help suppress your appetite so you can eat until you are done and lose weight quicker. The thermogenic effect of the ingredients will help your metabolism rise which will allow for increased fat burning, even if you are just sitting around doing nothing.


Want to try another version that focuses on a different ingredient? Lipodrene Elite is the strongest fat burner on the market with coca leaves. This formula does not have ephedra, so it is perfect for those that don't like the side effects of Ephedra. It has all the other stimulants and ingredients you love, but with a heavy dose of coca leaves.

Ephedra/DMAA Free

This formula is for those that want a fat burner without ephedra and DMAA. This is the perfect beginner fat burner into this family. If you are new to fat burners and energy boosters with a high level of stimulants, this formula would be the best to start with.


This product is currently out of stock and it is unknown on when this product will be available again.

Directions & Dosage: How to Use Correctly

Take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily. If sensitive to caffeine, start with 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch and then increase to 3 per day. One bottle will last 33 days at the max dose of 3 tablets per day.

Ingredients & Label:


Side Effects and Warnings:

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Individuals who consume caffeine with this product may experience serious adverse health effects. Individuals who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine should consult a licensed healthcare professional before consuming this product.

Common Questions/Answers

I drink Alcohol. Can I take this along with Alcohol?

It is not recommended to take this product at the same time that you are drinking alcohol, including beer or hard liquor.

Will I Fail a Drug Test?

It all depends on what you are being tested for. This product is totally legal in the United States and has no ingredients that are illegal.

Will this Cause a False Positive?

There were concerns when this product had DMAA, but this should not cause any false positives. If you are concerned, we recommend you contact Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Can I take this as a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Definitely! You can take this 30 minutes before your workout on an empty stomach. It can even be stacked with a non-stimulant pump supplement to make it feel like a true pre-workout supplement stack.

Should I take this on an Empty Stomach?

To get the best results during your cycle, the first dose should be taken on an empty stomach before your first meal and the second dose after lunch time.

Can this Product Cause Anxiety?

It can increase blood pressure and heat you up, which in some rare cases can cause anxiety, but it is very rare. If you have concerns, we recommend you speak with your doctor before taking this product.

Can this Cause Diarrhea?

With some people, an increase in stimulants can cause stomach issues. If this does, we recommend either lowering the dose or taking this product with food.

Does this Product Have DMAA in it Still?

No, none of the formulas have DMAA any longer.

Can this Product Cause Hair Loss?

We have never heard of anyone using Lipodrene and seeing hair loss from it. If you are concerned, we recommend that you contact Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.

Can this Product Cause Jitters?

Yes, do the extreme potency and the amount of caffeine and other stimulants, if you are sensitive to stimulants, this can cause jitters. We recommend either lowering the dose or taking it with food.

I Feel Sick on This. What Should I do?

Because of the high dose of stimulants, this product can be too much for some people. We recommend you either lower the dose or take with food.

Why am I Tired Afterwards?

You can sometimes crash after taking Lipodrene due to the high amount of stimulants. To combat this, we recommend lowering your daily dose.

This Product is no Longer Working for me. Is it Fake?

No, this normally happens because you have been taking stimulants/caffeine in high doses too long. You shouldn't take this or any products like this for more than 8 weeks, before taking 4 weeks off. Your body does build up a tolerance.

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