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Pure Protein Shake 12 Cans

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Color: Vanilla Cream

Pure Protein Shake 12 Cans

Pure Protein Shakes are a delicious high protein shake which packs 35 grams of protein into a convenient ready to drink can. Pure Protein shakes contain just 160 calories and a single gram of sugar, and are one of the tastiest protein shakes on the market. If you're sick of messy powders and stinky shaker bottles toss your old tub of protein to the side and grab yourself a case of Pure Protein Shakes!

Pure Protein RTD Can Protein Shake Product Highlights

  • Supports Lean Muscle Gain
  • Excellent Source of Calcium
  • Convenient Ready to Drink Shakes
  • Great Tasting Protein Shake
  • 35 Grams of Protein Per Can
  • 160 Calories Per Can
  • Only 1 Gram of Sugar Per Serving

Pure Protein RTD Shake Customer Reviews

Pure Protein shakes are an excellent source of protein, especially for those of us who have a hard time getting our daily protein needs through our diets. These also make a great meal replacement.

I used to buy protein powders, while RTD protein shakes are slightly more expensive I find they tend to be creamier and taste better and I don't have to deal with stinky shaker bottles and constantly washing them. I'm never going back to powdered protein shakes. 

Pure Protein Shake Flavors

  • Banana Cream
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Frosty Chocolate
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Cookies N Cream


Just pop the top and enjoy. One can is a single serving. 

Pure Protein Shake 12 Cans Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Pure Protein Ready to Drink Shake Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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