Condemned Labz Arsyn Rebranded as Arsynist

Condemned Labz Arsyn Rebranded as Arsynist

Condemned Labz has just recently renamed and rebranded their popular Fat Burner Arsyn which will now be called Arsynist. If you're not familiar with Arsyn, over the past year Arsyn has become one of the most popular fat burners both among our online customers, as well as our in store customers who visit our sister stores Capitol Nutrition and Supplement Warehouse. If you like a high stim fat burner then Arsyn is right up your ally, it features 200mg of DMHA, 300mg of Caffeine, as well as Synephrine, Higenamine, Hordenine, and a handful of other stimulants, nootropics, and thermogenic ingredients.

It appears the changeover from Arsyn to Arsynist isn't effecting the formula much, the formula appears to remain the same with one small addition, the new Arsynist formula features 5mg of Vinpocetine which is a mandmade chemical similar to a substance found in the periwinkle palnt (Vinca Minor) and it's a Nootropic ingredient which may increase blood flow to the brain and may help to protect brain cells against injury.

If you were a fan of Condemned Labz Arsyn just look for it under the new name Arsynist, it's still the same great formula you love!

Condemned Labz Arsynist

Condemned Labz Arsynist 60 Caps


Condemned Labz Arsynist 60 Caps w/ DMHA Condemned Labz Arsyn Fat Burner is an aggressive thermogenic formula which is helpful for seeking energy, appetite control, and something to help kickstart thermogenesis. Arsyn provides long lasting clean energy, appetite suppression and craving control, and to make you sweat. If you're looking for a powerful fat burner to help you get in gear for this summer, Arsyn is it! Condemned Labz Arsynist Features & Benefits Supports Weight Loss Controls Appetite a ...

May 20th 2023

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