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Dr. Oz  Fat Loss Combo Stack

As Seen on TV Fat Loss Combo Stack


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  • Dr. Oz  Fat Loss Combo Stack Dr. Oz  Fat Loss Combo Stack

As Seen on TV Fat Loss Combo Stack

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Brand: No

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As Seen on TV  Fat Loss Combo Stack

-1 Bottle Allmax Nutrition CLA 95

-1 Bottle Kleissenger Labs Raspberry Ketones

Allmax Nutrition 1000mg CLA

TV Doctor Customers: This CLA supplement supplies 1,000mg per capsule. TV Doctor's recommendation is 1,000mg 3x per day. We recommend taking 3 capsules per day. This bottle will then last you 30 days. For weight loss and fat burning.


The impact of this natural and effective weight loss wonder is clear.* You can take full advantage of this amazing nutrient and feel confident knowing the ALLMAX Nutrition brand has the highest standards of manufacturing available.

"Truly unique ALLMAX CLA95 yields 95% pure, ACTIVE CLA Isomers; 950 mg per 1000 mg Softgel!"

ALLMAX CLA95 from the brand you trust provides a high concentration of CLA from the ultimate form of CLA, Clarinol™ - a worldwide leader in CLA production. Look closely at your CLA label, most are 80% purity. Don't settle for less, get the highest strength you can buy!

"ALLMAX CLA95 is the highest quality, purity and potency Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) available."

ALLMAX CLA95 is produced in a pharmaceutically licensed, government inspected, cGMP registered facility.

Studies suggest that supplementation with CLA aids in weight management by promoting fat loss.* When weight is gained, or regained after a diet, CLA has been surmised to promote muscle growth as well as supporting the shape of the body.*

Scientists now suggest that CLA may have a unique effect on body fat by many means:

  • By enhancing the activity of an enzyme present in the muscles. By stimulating this enzyme, it helps the body to build up more muscle mass.*

The most fascinating bioactivity of Clarinol™ CLA is its effect on the body's fat to muscle ratio.* The following paragraphs describe briefly the studies suggesting the effects on growth and body composition.* There is research on CLA suggesting that it may decrease body fat while maintaining lean body mass.*

ALLMAX CLA95 is a true 50:50 ratio Active Isomer mix of pure cis-9-trans11 and trans-10 cis-12.

Derived from 100% pure Safflower and produced in the world's largest pharmaceutical grade CLA production facility, ALLMAX CLA95 stands well above the crowd with the ultimate in purity and potency!

Directions For AllMax Nutrition CLA: Take 3 softgels daily.

Kleissinger Labs Raspberry Ketones 100mg

TV Doctor Customers: Kleissingger Raspberry Ketones contain 100mg of the popular ingredient Raspberry Ketone per capule. This is TV Doctor's exact recommendation. For best results, TV Doctor said to start by taking 100 mg at breakfast. Go to 200 mg at lunch if that doesn’t work. This bottle will then last you 30-60 days.  

Razberi-K appears to support reductions in body fat in two ways. First, decreasing the absorption of dietary fat and secondly, increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis. In another study researchers were able to demonstrate that Raspberry ketone was capable of inhibiting alpha amylase activity a dietary enzyme involved in starch breakdown and sugar absorption, helping reduce fat.*

In the study by Morimoto et al., 2005 they demonstrated that raspberry ketones supplementation resulted in an increase in Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) translocation to fat cell lipid droplets suggesting that raspberry ketones enhances norepinephrine Lipolysis (fat burning). Research has also shown that raspberry ketones stimulates an increase in thermogenesis in brown adipose (fat) tissue.*

In a field study by Tim Ziegenfuss, ten participants received a 200 mg per day Razberi-K supplement along with exercise. This was done to assess the effects of RK on fat oxidation and blood chemistry, the results showed a trend toward enhanced fat oxidation as shown with a 62% increase in Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) and no adverse effects on blood chemistry were observed implying RK's safety and efficacy.*


Serving Size: 1 Capsule


Servings Per Container: 100


Green Tea Extract: (Camillia sinensis) Leaf [80% Catechins (217.6mg)  50% EGCG (136mg) and over 99% caffeine free - 276mg


Razberi-K 100% Pure Raspberry Ketones - 100mg


Other Ingredients: Cellulose,  brown rice flavor, magnesium stearate, silica and titanium dioxide.

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  1. It does work, & the results are noticable. However, i have Throid desease & didn't notice I wan't surposed to take this product. review by Roseanna on 11/3/2012
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    Easy way to lose fat...but the health requirements are not listed in the ad. People such as myself who have both throid desease & heart desease should not take this product.

    *DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.

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