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Love It Kill It Stack

Gaspari Nutrition Dragon Slayer Stack


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Gaspari Nutrition Dragon Slayer Stack

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Gaspari Nutrition Dragon Slayer Stack

SuperPump 250

Finally you can get your hands on the king of pre-workouts again. Gaspari Nutrition, veterans in the supplement industry, have been working hard to reformulate and improve some of their classic products. They first re-released Halodrol, their extremely popular prohormone, and now they’ve done the same with SuperPump 250.

Benefits & Results

  • A very hard hitting pre-workout

  • Quickly increases lean muscle mass

  • Intense workouts

  • Longer workouts

  • Crazy pumps of course!

Directions & Dosage

Gaspari Nutrition recommends that you mix 1 scoop of Gaspari SuperPump 250 with 4-8oz (120-240ml) of ice cold water and drink 30-45 minutes before beginning any physical activity. Due to the extreme potency of Gaspari Superpump 250, assess your tolerance by first trying 1/2 a serving of SuperPump 250 (1/2 scoop) mixed with 2-4oz (60-120ml) of ice cold water. Do not exceed more than 1 full scoop of Gaspari SuperPump 250 in any 24 hour period.


The folks at Team Gaspari are experts at building muscle. They know you’re trying to increase your endurance and look the best you possibly can. That’s why they spent months and months developing AminoLast and gathering research. AminoLast tastes great and brings something new to the market. There’s only the finest ingredients here, no useless ineffective aminos. This is your new BCAA recovery superfuel.

Benefits & Results

  • High Dose Blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids

  • Anti-Cramping, & Electrolyte Blends

  • AMMOJECT to release muscle waste and stored toxins

  • Single Serving Dose, Full month Supply

Directions & Dosage

Gaspari Nutrition recommends that you mix 1 level scoop (14 g) of AMINOLAST® with 8-10 oz. of water. AMINOLAST® can be consumed before training, between meals, while training, and post workout to boost your amino acid intake. It's up to you to find out what works best so give it try and find the best way to FUEL YOURSELF.


Gaspari Nutrition has chosen to use a highly branched cluster dextrin in Glycofuse. Its helical structure gives it unique properties that separate it from the corn starches and polysaccharides. For anyone who is a serious athlete, you place a great deal of importance on performance, recovery, and building lean muscle. Don’t settle for anything less than real, fast results.

Benefits & Results

  • 25g of highly branched cluster dextrin

  • Restores glycogen

  • Better performance

  • Replenishes electrolytes

  • Faster gastric clearance to avoid cramps

Directions & Dosage

Gaspari Nutrition has provided directions for both individual use and team use:

Add 1 scoop per 8-12 fl. oz. (236-354 mL) of water. Take before, during or after training.

Add 1 to 2 scoops of Glycofuse to your shaker cup or water bottle. Cover and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Please use the following directions when mixing into larger containers such as a gallon jug or a 5 gallon cooler.

In a gallon jug of water, place funnel into the mouth, and add 12 scoops of Glycofuse to your gallon of water. Close the lid and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

With 60 serving bottle, fill your water cooler with five gallons of water. Remove the scoop and add one full container of Gylcofuse to five gallons of water. Stir thoroughly for 30-45 seconds. Add 1 to 2 scoops of Glycofuse to your shaker cup or water bottle. Cover and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

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