Gorilla Mode Preworkout Overview

Gorilla Mode Preworkout Overview
Gorilla Mode Preworkout

We're often asked questions by our customers both online and in our brick and mortar stores about Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout. If you're not familiar with Gorilla Mode, it's a preworkout supplement put out by a popular Youtuber, Blogger, and Fitness Influencer by the name of Derek "Of MorePlatesMoreDates.Com". Derek started out as a fitness and supplement blogger, before moving his blog over to Youtube. In recent years he's become incredibly popular, even appearing on the Joe Rogan JRE Podcast. Derek's fans appreciate how well informed he is on the body, supplementation, and fitness, and he eventually went on to create his own supplement brand called Gorilla Mind, which has become hugely popular for it's Gorilla Mode Preworkout as well as his Turkesterone supplement. In recent years Turkesterone has become one of the hottest natural muscle building supplements on the market, in large part to Derek. So in today's post we wanted to give you a rundown and overview of the mega dosed Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout supplement. 


Gorilla Mode is the preworkout supplement of Youtube's Derek of More Plates More Dates. Gorilla Mode is available in 11 flavors including Tiger's Blood, Mojo Mojity, Mouthwatering Watermelon, Firefly Lemonade, and a number of other tasty flavors. Where as many preworkouts shine in one particular area be it energy, focus, or pumps, Gorilla Mode is a well rounded preworkout that has hefty dosages of all ingredients including things like 9000mg of L-Citrulline per 2 scoop serving as well as hefty doses of Nootropics, Pump Ingredients, and more. While Gorilla Mode provides plenty of energy, it's not a DMHA preworkout and doesn't have insane amounts of caffeine, however the formula seems to work very well together and provides users with a fantastic workout. 

Gorilla Mode Preworkout Ingredients


So let's take a look at the formula behind Gorilla Mode. Again where as most preworkouts shine in one area but are lacking in others, that's not the case with Gorilla Mode. Gorilla Mode can be taken as a single scoop or two scoop serving size and a full two scoop serving features ingredients for energy, focus, and pumps, and hefty doses of each of these ingredients. It also contains many not often seen ingredients such as Kanna. So let's hop in and take a look at what makes Gorilla Mode so effective...


This is the most heavily dosed ingredient in Gorilla Mode and a popular ingredient in many stim and pump preworkouts. L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid which can increase arginine which is the primary substance for nitric oxide biosynthesis. Most preworkouts contain around 6000mg of L-Citrulline and that's considered a pretty hefty dose, where as Gorilla Mode Packs in 9000mg of L-Citrulline which results in increased muscle fullness, increased muscle pumps, and an increased amount of oxygen in your muscle tissue which will lead to more muscle energy and less muscle fatigue. 

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most studied and researched ingredients on the market and there's a very high chance that you probably started your journey into supplementation with creatine as a young athlete or when you first started getting interested in the gym. Creatine isn't included in many preworkouts and when it is, it's generally not a full clinical dosage. Creatine is a combination of three amino acids and is known to help support lean muscle mass gains and increases in strength. Where as most preworkouts that do contain creatine may contain a gram or two, Gorilla Mode features a full 5 gram serving. 


GlycerPump is a premium patented and branded version of Glycerol. GlycerPump is used in preworkouts to help support aerobic and anaerobic workouts and helps provide more energy and endurance while training. Most preworkouts will contain a dose between 2 and 5 grams per serving, Gorilla Mode features a respectable 3 grams which will provide a nice pump along with the Citrulline, but is low enough it shouldn't cause excessive clumping which is often a byproduct of adding GlycerPump to preworkout formulas. 

Malic Acid

Malic Acid is found in fruits and vegetables and is thought to support energy production. It's also believed to improve absorption which should help with the uptake of all the ingredients in this formula. 

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine is another pump ingredient and is a popular addition to both pump and stimulant based preworkouts. Betaine can help promote muscle pumps and increased endurance. 


L-Tyrosine is considered a nootropic and when added to a preworkout supplement typically increases alertness, attention, and focus which is great while training to help keep you focused and enhance the mind/muscle connection. 

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine is another pump ingredient which is a metabolite of Arginine and which acts in a similar fashion to betaine. Agmatine leads to increased muscle fullness and a nice post workout pump. 


Kanna is also known as Sceletium Tortuosum. This is a less commonly used ingredient in preworkouts, though many preworkouts on the market like BZRK and others will use it in special edition versions of their preworkouts. Kanna may aid in focus an attention, but it's best known for it's calming effect as well as providing users with an improved mood. This is great as it mellows the effects of caffeine and other stimulants and provides a strong sense of motivation before, during and after your workout. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

We probably don't need to tell you about caffeine but caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that can promote energy and focus. Gorilla Mode contains 350mg of caffeine which is equivalent to about 3.5 cups of coffee. 350mg of Caffeine is enough to provide a good energy boost without being over the top or causing jitters, anxiety or restlessness. 

N-Phenthyl Dimethylamine Citrate

You probably know this ingredient better as Eria Jarensis. Eria Jarensis is a Nootropic and Stimulant which provides users with energy, but which is most notable for enhancing mood and increasing motivation. Gorilla Mode packs in 350mg of Eria Jarensis which is a hefty dose and I believe is more than I've ever seen in a preworkout before, even preworkouts like Defiant Unleashed which are heavy in Eria Jarensis only contain 250mg. 


Bioperine is a common addition to supplements for it's ability to increase absorption. Studies have shown that bioperine can increase turmeric absorption for example by up to 2000%. Bioperine helps your body uptake as many and as much of the active ingredients in Gorilla Mode as possible. 

Huperzine A

You may know Huperzine A better as Chinese Club Moss. Huperzine is considered a Nootropic and helps with memory, focus and mental function. 


So I recently had a chance to try Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout. I had high expectations as I've heard people raving about Gorilla Mode for quite some time. I decided to go with a full two scoop serving to test it out. What I really loved about Gorilla Mode was that it's not over the top with stimulants and caffeine. These days it seems like it's a contest who can jam the most stimulants into each preworkout but Derek took a different approach, 350mg of caffeine which is a good amount of energy without being too much, I also like that it's a preworkout I can take later in the afternoon without worrying about it keepig me up at night. 

The combination of as well as hefty dosages of Citrulline, GlycerPump and Agmatine provided a nice pump during my workout and a ton of muscle fullness and vascularity. The Kanna seemed to mellow out the caffeine and the combination of the Kanna and Eria Jarensis provided an almost ephoric mood boost and a ton of motivation, I wound up spending about two hours in the gym both nights I took it and only left because my girlfriend was calling me wondering when I was going to come home and cook dinner. The Tyrosine and Huperzine had a noticeable effect on focus and kept me on point during my workout. Overall this is one of the better preworkouts I've tried in a while. 


So Reddit has a number of subreddits or forums on Fitness, Sports Nutrition, and Supplementation. There's been a lot of chatter about Gorilla Mode on Reddit and here's what Redditors are saying about Gorilla Mode....


Been using the gorilla mode pre-workout for a couple months. It’s as good as anything you’ll find on the market that isnt like... dangerous (DMAA pumped shit). I mean its a preworkout, its good, it does what it says it’ll do. I like supporting Derek and transparent ingredient lists so thats why I plan on sticking with it. Can’t really find a better ingredient list anywhere else.


I get really good pumps with gorilla mode nitric. I use one scoop every day and two for when I’m doing a pump focused workout. Be sure to stack with 2-3g of salt for the best pump possible. I didn’t feel much energy from gorilla mode energy however, even with two scoops and a low tolerance to stims I didn’t feel the rush I was expecting. I usually just have an energy drink for the caffeine if I need a boost


I just tried mode today for the first time and I legit feel like I have lasers coming out of my eyes lol I don't normally use pre-workout but I do use 200mg of caffeine everyday and mode blew that out of the water for me



Currently Gorilla Mode preworkout is only sold directly by Derek through his website Gorilla Mind and through Amazon. Currently Gorilla Mind is not sold through distributors or other retailers. 


Two of our preworkouts which probably compare closest to Gorilla Mode would be Muscle Force's Defiant Unleashed and El Chapo. One major difference between Gorilla Mode and these preworkouts are that both Defiant Unleashed and El Chapo are much more powerful in the area of stimulants, however they compare in that all have solid well dosed formulas. Both are packed with ingredients to provide a nice pump and provide a ton of focus and motivation and a mood boost either from DMHA or a combination of DMHA and Eria Jarensis. If you're a fan of Gorilla Mode but wish it was a bit stronger in the stim department or if you're just looking to try something comparable but different, checkout our listings below for Muscle Force Defiant Unleashed and/or Swole AF El Chapo. 

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May 20th 2023

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