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IronMagLabs Super-DMZ Rx 3.0

IronMag Labs Super-DMZ Rx 3.0 60 Caps

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  • IronMagLabs Super-DMZ Rx 3.0 IronMagLabs Super-DMZ Rx 3.0

IronMag Labs Super-DMZ Rx 3.0 60 Caps

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Regular Price: $52.95

Special Price $42.99

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IronMag Labs Super-DMZ Rx 3.0™ Prohormone | Free Same Day Shipping

The Best Selling Prohormone for Sale on the Market

What makes this prohormone so popular? Everyone knows about Super DMZ 2.0. Well this one takes your gains to a whole other level by adding one more strong prohormone. This addition will give you the fastest gains in lean muscle mass, strength through the roof and more power in the gym than you have ever experienced.

So why did IronMag Labs come up with this product? They wanted a mass and hardening stack in one product. This is why they chose to add three different pro-probolic compounds in one product. Customers are logging gains over 10lbs in just 4 weeks of use.

Results to Expect

  • Increase in Dry Muscle Gains
  • Increase in Vascularity
  • More Strength & Power
  • Retain that Ripped Look
  • 10 to 15lbs in Lean Muscle Mass

New Super-DMZ 3.0 Lean Mass Stack: If you are looking to the complete stack to give you gains from day one through your entire cycle, you can now purchase the stack at a discount here!

Ingredients / Supplement Facts

  • Dymethazine
  • Methylstenbolone
  • Alpha-1

Highlights of Super DMZ 3.0 / Expected Results

  • Dry Gains in Muscle Mass
  • More Power
  • More Strength
  • Increase Mass While Getting Leaner
  • Does Not Aromatize (convert to estrogen - no "bitch tits")
  • No Bloating or Water Retention

Is This Product For You?

There are many prohormones on the market. So how do you choose? This is the perfect product if you are looking to increase lean muscle mass while still retaining that cut look. It can be used by new or advanced users. One common question is if you should take Super DMZ 2.0 or 3.0. This has an additional ingredient/prohormone called Alpha-1 which means more gains for you.

Directions - How to Use

For Advanced Users: Take 2 capsules per day divided throughout the day. Best is to do a 12 hour split. This will gives you 60mg per day!

For New Users: Take 1 capsule per day. At breakfast or before your workout.

How to Do a Complete Cycle on This Product


During Weeks 1-4 ~ Super-DMZ Rx™ 2 capsules per day (1 cap AM & 1 cap PM)
During Weeks 1-8 ~ Advanced Cycle Support Rx™ - 2 capsules per day (organ and lipid support)
During Weeks 5-8 ~ Ultra Male Rx™ - 1 capsule per day (post cycle therapy)

How to Keep Your Gains & Stop Any Unwanted Side Effects

We recommend adding these products to your cycle as well. These will not only help stop any unwanted side effects, but also further help keep your gains after taking this prohormone.

Post Cycle Therapy

This is need to get your natural testosterone flowing again after your 4 weeks on cycle. It helps you keep those hard earned gains. The recommended product is IronMag Labs Probolic Matrix Rx for this.

If Gyno is An Issue

Though most prohormones claim it's not an issue and we have never had any complaints about this product, gyno can be scary for anyone. We recommend taking IronMag Labs E-Control Rx starting week 3 of your post cycle therapy to help prevent it.

Back Pumps

Most people don't have an issue with them, but some people (especially if you don't drink enough water) get back pumps sometime during their cycle. It's easy and cheap to stop them from happening. Just take Allmax Nutrition Taurine (It's only $9.99). We recommend taking up to 3 grams with breakfast lunch and dinner.

The Label

Warnings & Side Effects

Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration. This will help reduce any side effects. This product should only be used by healthy adults at least 21 years old. Do no use if pregnant or nursing, or if you are at risk of, or being treated for diabetes, liver problems or high blood pressure. Not recommended for women. Consult your health care professional before using any dietary supplements.

Other Possible Side Effects

  • Acne
  • Aggression
  • Lethargy

To diminish the chance of side effects, make sure to use cycle support and post cycle therapy supplements.

Common Questions

Is Super DMZ 3.0 a Steriod?

No, it is not a steriod. This is a legal prohormone.

What Results can I Expect?

Taking this product, the results you can expect are increase muscle mass, more leaning out effect and huge increases in strength. This tends to come around week 2 or week 3 for our users.

What is the Difference Between 2.0 and 3.0?

The only difference is that the 3.0 version gives you one extra prohormone, Alpha-1. Otherwise, they are the same supplement.

  1. very good review by Ken on 12/31/2014
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    If you are an adult, and you choose the Prohormone route, Super DMZ one does everything, expect more strength, mass and power. I would not recommend this to anyone under 35. Take your time and plan your cycle out out carefully and you will be pleased with the results.

    *DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
  2. Mass Gainz in 4 Weeks review by Kal1989 on 8/12/2014
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    Wow...this is one of the strongest prohormones I have ever taken. I pr'd on every major lift. I hit 385 on bench and 375 on squat and 415 on dead lift. I took it for 5 weeks and it kicked in right around 3 weeks. I can't wait to do this again. The way you feel on it...the pumps...I can see why it's talked about all over the forums!

    *DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.

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