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Labrada Nutrition Natural Fat Burning Stack

Labrada Nutrition Natural Fat Burning Stack


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  • Labrada Nutrition Natural Fat Burning Stack Labrada Nutrition Natural Fat Burning Stack

Labrada Nutrition Natural Fat Burning Stack

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Labrada Nutrition Ursolic Acid 120 Caps   +$14.99
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Labrada Nutrition Ursolic Acid 120 Caps   +$14.99
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Labrada Nutrition PURE Raspberry Ketones 100mg 60 Caps   +$11.99
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Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract 525mg 60 Caps   +$18.99
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Labrada Nutrition Natural Fat Burning Stack

-1 Bottle Labrada Nutrition Raspberry Ketones

-1 Bottle Labrada Nutrition Pure Green Coffee

-2 Bottles Labrada Nutrition Ursolic Acid

Want to shed thos pesky pounds and lean up so that you can see all that hard work you have put in at the gym? This Natural Fat Burning Stack will get you lean in no time with its adavanced fat burning formula that includes the popular GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT!

When it comes to shopping, there are times when more is definitely better. For the woman who lives and dies by her shoes, seeing a wall-to-wall display of heels in every size, shape, and color is as good as it gets.

Why Should I Stack these Products?

 “Stacking” refers to using more than one supplement at a time to maximize your results. These stackable products are all designed with the same goal in mind (in this case, fat burning), but help you reach it in different ways.

For example, one product might help keep your energy levels up while dieting so you can continue to exercise with the same intensity as you when you were eating more carbs. Another might help keep your food cravings in check so you don’t overeat. Still another might help you hang onto lean muscle while losing stubborn fat. All of these products are helping you get a leaner, tighter body – just in different ways.

The same approach is used with Labrada’s new Natural Fat-Burning Stack, which contains three distinct products

  • Ursolic Acid,
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones

Though the combined effect is noticeable weight loss, each product supports this weight loss via different mechanisms. This way, no matter what your struggle or weakness is when trying to lose weight, all your bases are covered and you have better odds for success. Let’s take a closer look at the powerful Natural Fat-Burning Stack line-up here …

Labrada Pure Raspberry Ketones (100mg Per Pill)

TV Doctor Customers: Labrada Raspberry Ketones contain 100mg of the popular ingredient Raspberry Ketone per capule. This is Dr. Oz's exact recommendation. For best results, Dr. Oz said to start by taking 100 mg at breakfast. Go to 200 mg at lunch if that doesn’t work. This bottle will then last you 30-60 days.  

Raspberry Ketones for Fat Loss

Studies have shown that raspberry ketones hold promise for fat loss. In one study mice were fed a calorie rich high-fat diet supplemented with raspberry ketones. After 10 weeks it was shown that the raspberry ketone supplementation prevented both subcutaneous and abdominal (visceral) fat gain, and also protected against development of fatty liver.

These anti-obesity effects are beneficial, since abdominal fat (the type of fat that causes protruding bellies even in otherwise "skinny" people) is strongly associated with obesity-related complications like the metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease, even in the absence of classical risk factors.

The association between abdominal adiposity and accelerated atherosclerosis has been shown to be independent of age, overall obesity or the amount of subcutaneous fat. Thus, raspberry ketones can help you get in better shape and improve your health.

Labrada Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Extract 525mg 60 Caps

Fat Loss just got so much easier!

Labrada Nuitrition Green Coffee Bean Extract promotes healthy weight loss by regulating your metabolism and burning more fat.

TV Doctor Customers: This Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement supplies 525mg per capsule. Dr. Oz's recommendation is 800mg 2x per day before a big meal. There are no additives.

Fat loss optimizer. Supports fat loss. Natural Anti-oxidant. Green coffee bean extract is a natural powder extract from unroasted coffee beans.

  • Slows down the absorption of glucose from the small intestine and lowers after meal blood glucose levels.
  • Inhibits carbohydrate digesting enzymes and the actual absorption process itself.
  • Has chlorogenic acid, which significantly inhibits fat synthesizing enzymes, while increasing the activity of fat burning enzymes.
  • Increases blood levels of adiponectin, a hormone that is secreted from fat cells.
  • Adiponectin enhances fat burning and also increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood glucose (blood sugar) and reduces triglyceride levels.


Green coffee bean extract is rich in natural compounds, such as chlorogenic acids, that are known to have health benefits and to influence glucose and fat metabolism. Recent peer-reviewed, published studies have found that Green coffee extract: helps support significant fat loss. Contains natural anti-oxidant properties.

Labrada Nutrition Ursolic Acid Supplement 120 Caps

Ursolic acid is a naturally occurring ingredient found in food such as apple peels. Ursolic acid provides healthful benefits for dieters and athletes.

Ursolic Benefits:


  • Lean Muscle Optimizer
  • Supports Fat Loss / Weight Loss
  • Supports Lean Muscle
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health


This supplement promotes weight loss and well as promoting gains in muscle growth. Ursolic acid has been shown to affect molecular pathways that could actually prevent muscle loss and weakness.In studies involving both humans and mice, ursolic acid was proven to help counteract the catabolic effects of fasting/dieting.

  1. helpful to fat loss review by Lane on 10/24/2016
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    Labrada Nutrition is one of the best supplement companies on the market today. One thing that I like about the brand is that they do not put any ingredients in their products that they themselves would not want to take. Therefore, everything is natural in this stack. I really like this stack because the ingredients are scientifically based. I never even have to worry if the stack is working, because studies have shown that these ingredients actually work.

    *DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.

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