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MuscleMaxx MuscleMaxx Bulk Whey 10lbs

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10lb Bulk Whey Protein Concentrate Powder (74 Servings)

100% Complete Protein with all 20 Amino Acids!

  • Vanilla Flavor Dream or Chocolate Fudge Flavors
  • 74 Servings Per 10lb Box
  • 35 Grams of Protein Per Serving
  • 250 Calories Per Serving
  • 17 Grams of Carbs Per Serving
  • Fortified with Omega 3, 6 & 9 EFAs
  • 4.5 grams of Muscle-Building Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • Added Vitamins and Minerals

Why Buy Your Protein in Bulk?

Looking to save some money without sacrificing muscle? We know many of you are on a tight budget and are looking to save money while keeping your muscles primed with protein. Bulk Whey is the way (whey) to go for those looking to save some dough. This versatile 100% whey protein powder is not only cheap but it more than gets the job done. Some associate getting bulk whey at a discount with lower quality, well with Bulk Whey this is simply not true. Bulk Whey is low in sugar, fortified with healthy Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), packs 35g of protein per serving, and is available in 2 great tasting flavors (Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Dream).

Q: Can I get lean?

A: Yes you can! Of course to get lean one needs to be taking less than they burn however not so little you sacrifice muscle tissue. With only 2g of sugar per serving and 37g of protein per serving Bulk Whey will not only help you get lean but will also help you build and preserve hard earned muscle tissue. In addition to that Bulk Whey is fortified with healthy fats Omega 3 (Essential Fatty Acids) which can also help burn fat.

Q: Can I gain weight?

A:Yes you can use Bulk Whey as part of your weight gain regimen. This is not to say it is a weight gainer as it is not, rather many users opt to purchase an inexpensive carbohydrate powder to add to it. // (Nature’s Best Unflavored Carb Up Powder).

Q: What’s the difference between this formula and whey protein isolate?

A: Whey protein is a dairy protein specifically bovine milk is about 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. When cheese is manufactured there is left over whey protein. At this point whey is in its raw form where it consists of protein, fat, cholesterol, and lactose. This raw form of whey is also very rich in native microfractions which are responsible for some of the other great benefits of whey besides its superb muscle building potential such as immune enhancement. These include alpha lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, glycomacropeptide, serum albumin, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and immunoglobulins. The difference between the various whey protein concentrates and isolates comes down to the preservation of these microfractions and removal of the fat and lactose. Some methods of isolating protein are better than others. For instance a microfiltered whey protein isolate can remove all of the fat and lactose while preserving the native microfractions where as using ion exchange will accomplish the former but denatures the native microfractions. A microfiltered whey protein isolate is expensive so for those who do not a have problem digesting lactose and are not worried about a little bit of fat there is nothing wrong with protein powder that consists of predominantly high quality whey protein concentrate. A high quality whey protein concentrate will vary in the total percent of protein relative to fat and carbohydrates, but will have the native microfractions preserved. This Bulk Whey strikes a balance with high quality whey protein concentrate and isolate where the native microfractions are undenatured and fat and lactose are low. This is how you get a quality bulk whey protein powder that saves you money.

Directions / How to Drink?

It is recommended that you mix one serving with 10-12 ounces of ice water or milk. It will mix instantly. Add to milk to make it taste like a thick milkshake. Take as many servings per day as to reach your protein goals. Also good to take post workout.

Taste / Flavors

They have made a unique flavoring system to make sure each flavor tastes amazing. Both taste like a delicious frothy milkshake!


Bulk Protein Ingredients

Amino Acid Profile Per 100g

Essential Amino Acids
Branched-Chain Amino Acids
L-Isoleucine 2,207mg
L-Leucine 3,739mg
L-Valine 2,137mg
L-Lysine 3,159mg
L-Methionine 734mg
L-Phenylalanine 1,245mg
L-Threonine 2,504mg
L-Tryptophan 636mg
L-Alanine 1,835mg
L-Arginine 1,146mg
L-Aspartic Acid 3,896mg
L-Cysteine 779mg
L-Glutamine 6,885mg
L-Glycine 20,855mg
L-Histidine 722mg
L-Proline 2,417mg
L-Serine 1,914mg
L-Tyrosine 1,112mg
Total 58,000 Mg

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