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Alvita Bilberry Tea 24 Bags

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Bilberry Tea

• Bilberry Tea Bags
• Caffeine Free

A small branched shrub found mainly in moors, humus-rich soil and open woods from lowlands to mountains, Bilberry (Vaccinum myrtillus) bears small blue-black, many-seeded berries. Also commonly known as whortleberry, Bilberry has been a source of fresh jam for hundreds of years.

Extensively written about in 16th century herbals, this berry is native to northern Europe and Asia; northern Europe and Asia; with its nearest American counterpart being the huckleberry. During World War 2, Royal Air Force pilots swore that eating Bilberry jam prior to night missions significantly improved their visual acuity in the darkness.

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Alvita Bilberry Tea Benefits:

  • Anti-Oxidant Support for Healthy Vision and Eye Function
  • Promotes Visual Acuity and healthy eye function
  • Supports and protects vision
  • Protects Tissue Integrity within the Eyes from the Normal Age-Related Oxidative Stress

Alvita Bilberry Tea Side Effects & Warnings:

High dosages of bilberry leaf over long periods of time could possibly lower blood sugar to a level that is too low and could be dangerous. Make sure you monitor your sugar levels closely if you are diabetic. If you are pregnant or breast feeding it is wise to avoid using it as there is not enough conclusive human trial studies to prove it is safe to an unborn or breast feeding infant. If you are on any medication it is recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming this product.

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