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Ancient Nutrition Organic Lions Mane 30ct

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Ancient Nutrition Organic Lions Mane 30ct

Lion's Mane is a powerful Mushroom with Nootropic properties. Lion's Mane is known for improving mental alertness, concentration, and mental clarity. Ancient Nutrition's Organic Lions Mane combines the nootropic properties of Lions Mane with Ashwagandha for enhanced relaxation and stress relief. If you're looking for increased mental clarity and concentration you need to grab yourself a bottle of Ancient Nutrition's Organic Lions Mane today!

Ancient Nutrition Organic Lions Mane Highlights & Benefits

  • Lions Mane is a Nootropic that Promotes Mental Clarity
  • This Formula Features Ashwagandha for Reduced Stress
  • Increased Focus and Concentration
  • Supports Healthy Energy Levels & Reduced Stress

Ancient Nutrition Lions Mane Customer Reviews

I'd been struggling focusing on things at work as well as with energy levels. A friend mentioned he'd seen Dr Axe talking about Lion's Mane and suggested I try this product. I wound up giving it a try and sure enough I'm feeling more focused, more relaxed, and it's helped my energy levels.

All I can say is I'm impressed!

Great product, affordable price and fast delivery, I'm a happy customer. 


Take 1 tablet daily with water or beverage of your choice. Can be taken with or without food. 

Ancient Nutrition Organic Lions Mane 30ct Ingredients & Label

Ancient Nutrition Lions Mane Nootropic Ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Store in a cool dry place after opening. 


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