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AI Sports Nutrition

Ai Sports Life Support 120 Caps

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AI Sports Nutrition Life Support 120 Caps

Life Support is a on-cycle therapy supplement by AI Sports Nutrition. On-cycle products are designed for people using probolic unapproved substances or pro-hormones. These compounds produce amazing results in the gym, but can wreak havoc on your body. Side-effects include decreasing lipid profile, increased blood pressure, and toxin buildup in organs. Life Support contains proven ingredients like silymarin, saw palmetto, and red yeast rice. These ingredients help protect the body from the detrimental effects of unapproved substances, supporting strong immune function, regulating blood pressure, and protecting the liver.

Looking for more information about on cycle therapy and how it can help you with prohormone cycling? Take a look at our On Cycle Support Guide.

AI Sports Nutrition Life Support 120 Caps Benefits

• Regulates Blood Pressure

• Supports Healthy Immune Function

• Protects the Liver

AI Sports Nutrition Life Support Ingredients

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving

Hawthorn Berry 500mg

Saw Palmetto 150mg

Red Yeast Rice 600mg

Silymarin (Milk Thistle Extract) 500mg

NAC 600mg

Celery Seed Extract 75mg

Nettle Root 125mg

Idebenone 50mg

Policosonol 10mg

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