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Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bar 9/Box

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Micah T.
  • Who would you recommend this product to? People named Billy, but only on fridays, vernal equinoxes, and leap years. Just kidding. I'd recommend it to most people.
  • Age? 34

Good Bar when your meal plans fall through...Try the apple pie...

As far as MRP bars go, there's good and bad.I keep the Crispy Apple Pie MetRx 100's in supply during my IF needs. If I can;t make time to sit for a meal or to cook/prep they come in handy for that. They have some fat, and some sugar, so it't not the absolute leanest choice out there, but It's pretty well balanced regardless, I eat very little sugar, so I can afford whats in the MetRx if need be, even when I'm cutting. Makes a handy meal replacement when you can't be bothered - Also makes a great 400k/cal snack in between meals when you're gaining as well. My favorite by far is the Crispy Apple Pie. It's got a sort of jelly like glaze on the top that i crave even when I don't need the quick fix. Nice, apple cinnamon flavor, crispy texture inside, yogurt style "icing: on the bottom. It all falls together nicely and is probably also good for those times you're about 5 seconds away from a sugar binge, and the ice cream is calling your name... It can help fend off the evil urges. It doesn't taste of Artificial Sweeteners like some bars do, although it does contain some. Now, it's the same with most other bars too, admittedly, but at 30g/protein per bar, I sometime use a scoop of whey or an additional protein only bar to go with it to hit my "per meal" target protein numbers. But as I said, they're handy to keep around for that worst case scenario. Far more preferable than ******** your entire diet with fast food or something like that... I've also tried the Cookie Crunch and the Peanut Butter Pretzel, both are quite good also. The cookie crunch isvery chocolaty, if that's your thing. The PBP is Salty and Sweet. Good taste combination.

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