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Clif Bar

Clif Bar Clif Builder's Bar 12/Box

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Clif Builder’s Bar 12/Box

Clif Builder’s Bars are natural protein bars, ideally suited for weight-lifters, outdoor athletes, or anyone looking for a healthy snack. Each bar contains 20 grams of soy and nut proteins, 23 vitamins and minerals, and organic ingredients to help provide sustained energy. Clif Builder’s bars will satisfy your hunger in a convenient and delicious way!

Clif Builder’s Bar 12/Box Benefits

• Convenient Snack

• 20 Grams of Soy and Nut Protein Per Bar

• 23 Vitamins and Minerals

• Organic Ingredients


Clif Builder's Bars can be consumed before, during, or after intense workouts, or any time you want a healthy, delicious treat.

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    Good Protein Bars

    Cliff bars are one of the better bars on the market for on the go nutrition. These builder versions have a decent amount of protein for a bar. The bad part is that they contain a good amount of fat and carbs with it. If you are trying to eat things that are not very calorically dense then these might not be the bars for you.

    Not really healthy

    These cliff bars are not very healthy. It has protein BUT it contains a lot of fat bad carbs and sugar. If you want to buy these bars, you should just get candy bars instead. There are a lot of better protein bars on the market worth the try especially for the price. Overall these bars taste like a health bar but without the nutrition.

    Not very good

    Overall, this is not a very good bar. Like many bars out there, it has a decent amount of protein, but it is also filled with bad nutrients like bad fat and lots of sugar. If you are looking to cut, this bar is definitely not for you. On the other hand, if you are bulking, this could be ok, but there are still better bars out there that have a higher protein content and less sugar. The taste is decent, but that's about it.

    Below Average

    Not great nutrition. Has protein, but lots of sugar and unwanted carbs + fats. Good taste.

    Decent, but nothing special

    These bars are decent, but they aren't particularly special. The Choc Mint flavour is the best. Finished a box, and enjoyed them, but I never felt the urge to buy more. So many other alternatives that are better tasting. More like a health bar in terms of texture than a candy bar. If that helps.

    Taste good

    These bars are very tasty, but nutrition wise, not very good. Its kind of high in sugar but has a good amount of protein. I really like the crunch in the bar. I eat it post workout since it is very high in carbs. A good product but there are better protein bars out there.

    not very good

    I got these from walmart in the peanut butter flavor. The price wasn't bad, and I kind've liked the taste, but if you're serious about tracking macros, I would not get these. I will not be getting them again, I'd rather get a quest bar.

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