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CoEnzyme A Tech CoEnzyme A 45 Gels

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CoEnzyme A Tech CoEnzyme A 45 Gels

The New Pure Coenzyme-A in 45 and 90 size Capsule bottle

CoEnzyme A Tech is completely free of all (vegetable stearates, inside and out of the capsule), which are used by all manufacturers as a machine lubricating, and packing agents, with the exception of Thorn Research Co. and one other professional line. This Pure Encapsulation process will insure a "True Hypo Allergenic Product", free of any approved food additives such as potentially allergenic fillers, lactose, corn starch, millet, Di-calcium phosphate. Preservatives such as BHA and BHT, and as mentioned earlier, lubricants such as Calcium, or Magnesium, Stearate, and Stearic Acid. We now have complete quality control over every aspect of our manufacturing process. This new advanced Pure Encapsulation process will also insure that even the most sensitive consumers, with food or chemical sensitivities that effect a chronic overactive immune system, will be able to safely consume our products. Additionally due to the new added "Active material" in the advanced Pure Coenzyme-A, a triple 0 pure gelatin capsule will be used in the current and all future production runs.

Coenzyme-A Technologies Inc. is the world's first, and only developer of effective Coenzyme-A and Acetyl Coenzyme-A products. Coenzyme-A is the first nutraceutical product to combine nutritional components that can be successfully used by the body to support its manufacture and utilization of cellular Coenzyme-A (The Master Coenzyme). Coenzyme-A contains a specific set of substrates that are designed to assist the body in converting fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy at the cellular level.

The nutrients supplied by Coenzyme-A product also help the cells efficiently deliver fuel from aerobic and anaerobic metabolism to the TCA cycle for energy release. Because the human body can rapidly absorb these nutrients, Coenzyme-A can be taken by an athlete shortly before a workout or sport performance to provide extra metabolic power when they need it the most.

One of the reasons why Coenzyme-A Technologies' products are so effective is because we use a scientifically formulated balanced combination of top quality, highly reactive natural components in the manufacture of our products.

Below is one of our most frequently asked questions and its answer.

Can I take Pantothenic Acid or Pantethine and get the same results as your products?

No, you will not receive the same results and health benefits as you would from taking our products, even if you take 10-20 grams of Pantothenic Acid or Pantethine every day. Some of our scientific research is based upon clinical studies in which research subjects were treated with 10-20 grams a day of Pantothenic Acid to assist their bodies in the production of Coenzyme-A. However, it is not Pantothenic Acid or Pantethine alone that produces Coenzyme-A in the human body. It is essential to understand that while Pantothenic Acid circulates in the blood in its pure vitamin form, it is stored in the cells of the body only as a component of Coenzyme-A. It is Coenzyme-A that initiates the chemical reactions within the cells of the body that involve Pantothenic Acid.

Your body needs to have a balanced combination of components that are used by the cells to manufacture and utilize Coenzyme-A; this is what our products contain.

Recognizing that the synthesis of Coenzyme-A begins in the cells and specifically the P.D.H. cycle The Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex". Nickolaos Skouras Ph.D. set out to find a way of supplying direct to the cells exactly what they need to enhance production of the master catalyst. It was by no means a simple task.

The problem was this: When a nutrient such as Pantothenic Acid, or even CoA itself, is taken in through foods - fresh raw organ meats, for instance, or vegetables, herbs and seeds - it comes packaged synergistically in nature, in a matrix with other related substances and compounds in a magnificent and ordered balance. The fresh food carries structural information of the highest quality and complexity. A food may contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals of which the particular nutrient is only a part. Plant matrices have an affinity for the human body. For we have eaten plants throughout our own evolution and our body is programmed to welcome them. When nutritionists or doctors try to give a particular vitamin on its own - say, Pantothenic Acid, in the treatment of arthritis for instance - the substrates that came packaged with it in nature are missing and the body can not therefore make optimal use of the vitamin.

You might think that you could simply give large doses of Pantothenic Acid - or even of its most active form, Pantethine - and this would enable your body to make its own CoA. Or perhaps you could create an artificial molecule of Coenzyme-A, a drug, and introduce it into the system thereby raising levels of the master CoA

Great plan, but it just doesn't work that way. Both approaches have been tried many times without success. The first approach is undermined by an inhibitory process in the body's cells so that the amount of CoA they can make from pantethine and other substrates becomes strictly limited.The Structure and Biochemical Functions of Coenzyme-ATM The second approach fails because B5 or CoA themselves are simply broken down when they reach the body so that there is no way of ensuring they will ever reach the interior of the cell where CoA could be manufactured. The other problem is that, even if you could devise a way of accomplishing that task, there was no known way to get the CoA to cross the mitochondrial barrier which it needs to do to initiate more ATP energy production.

What Nickolaos Skouras Ph.D. has been able to do after many years of complex maneuvering of Pantethine and other substratesThe Biochemical Functions of Coenzyme-A in THE ORIGINS OF LIFE involved in CoA production in the cells is to create a matrix of his own that ingeniously mimics the way nature does things. This matrix was created through a complex series of chemical reactions and bonds, which makes it possible for the matrix to perform not one but three impossible feats:

It joins together nutrients and substrates, in exact amounts and balance, which your body needs to create its own CoA within the cells.

It bypasses the inhibitory processes which limit the amount of CoA cells can produce.

Finally, once the cell has made CoA, it is transported across the mitochrondrial barrier so it can initiate production of high levels of ATP there.

Coenzyme ATM is vital for:

Production of Cellular Energy
Cardiovascular Health and Circulation
Fatty Acid Metabolism, and Regulation.
Proper Cellular Detoxification.
Adrenal & Sex Hormone Production.
Protection from Free Radical, and Methylation degenerative ageing processes.
Synthesis of Glycosaminoglycans for Healthy Cartilage and Connective Tissue.
Strengthening the Immune System through Healthy Blood Cell Development.
Synthesis of Ubiquinone (Co-Q1O)
Key Neurotransmitter Production, and activation.
The Utilization of Choline and Acetyl Coenzyme A for the synthesis of Acetylcholine

Additional benefits of Coenzyme-A include:

Reduces the damaging effects of stress and slows the deadly processes of aging.
Essential for proper cellular detoxification.
Initiates the tricarboxylic acid cycle which produces more than 90% of the body's energy.
Supports the development and functions of the male and female sex organs.
Initiates Lipid metabolism for production of energy from fats.
Strengthens the immune system.
Facilitates the internal production of Glyconutritional sugars
Facilitates the repair of RNA and DNA.
Facilitates the manufacture of connective tissue
Enhances physical performance and aerobic capacity, while reducing the build up of lactic acid.Enhances physical performance and aerobic capacity, while reducing the build up of lactic acid.