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Controlled Labs Purple Wraath 45 Servings

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Controlled Labs Purple Wraath 45 Servings

Purple Wraath is a fast-absorbing, caffeine-free recovery supplement from Controlled Labs. The formula is so versatile that it can/should be consumed before, during, and after workouts to maximize recovery. Purple Wraath contains BCAA's, EAA's, Beta-Alanine, and Citrulline Malate. These ingredients are proven to improve physical performance through increased stamina, endurance, recovery, and focus. This supplement can be used by weight-lifters that are bulking or cutting.

Recovery is half the battle when it comes to weight-training. We need to create an probolic environment for our body to produce optimal results. Purple Wraath ignores the industry standard of cramming sugar and caffeine into their products, and instead focuses on ingredients that will jump-start the recovery process, burn body fat, and support body recomposition.

This container on Controlled Labs Purple Wraath contains 45 servings. If taken as directed, this product should last 1-2 months.

Controlled Labs Purple Wraath 45 Servings Benefits

• Accelerates the Recovery Process

• Enhances Focus

• Improves Stamina

• Contains BCAA's & EAA's

• Supports Body Fat Reduction

• Use Pre/Intra/Post-Workout


Combine 1-2 scoops of PURPLE WRAATH™ with 20-40 oz. of water, and consume it during the workout or over an extended period of time (pre-workout, during your workout, and post-workout). Shake well before drinking.

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    I loved this product

    I'm generally not much on cotton candy flavored products so I was kinda on the edge about trying this BUT I loved it. It tased great and gave me extra endurance. I noted an improvement in recovery as well. All in all, great product and I suggest it to anyone looking for an EAA. I loved it

    An excellent product.

    Controlled Labs Purple Wraith is an excellent product. It has many features that work really well. I consider it a no stimulant pre workout type of supplement although it is labeled an amino acids recovery supplement. You get so many effective ingredients. The Bcaa's and additional amino acids are great for muscle preservation and endurance. The Beta Alanine and citrulline malate are great for endurance and stamina along with good pumps and vascularity. The grape flavor is impeccable very tasty. It mixes well in a cup but is best to give a shake or two in a blender bottle.

    Solid choice of BCAA

    This is a great BCAA supplement. I use BCAA preworkout when I am intermittent fasting as it supposedly helps maintain mass. Purple Wraath has a solid ratio of Luecine to the other bcaa, making it an ideal mix if your goals are bodybuilding. I like the grape taste best, and it is a toss up between this or Scivation Xtend. Recommended.


    Although lemonade is not my go to flavor for PW, it is tasty. One scoop mixes easily in 12oz water and tastes exactly as the label suggests. Even at one dose this stuff is quite effective at increasing endurance. What sets it apart from your average AA supplement is the inclusion of EAA's :D Well done again CL!

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