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Country Life Chelated Magnesium 250 mg 180 Tabs



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Country Life Chelated Magnesium 250mg 180 Tabs

Magnesium is a mineral that increases the absorption of Calcium and plays an important role in a variety of body function. Chelated Magnesium is Magnesium that has been bonded with other amino acids to increase absorption and target specific areas of the body to pass through. Chelated Magnesium can help regulate blood pressure, promote deep sleep, increase energy levels, and reduce dependency on amphetamines.

Country Life Chelated Magnesium 250mg 180 Tabs Benefits

• Treats Symptoms of Migraines and Depression

• Promotes Healthy Sleep

• Reduces Dependency of Some Drugs

• Regulates Blood Pressure


Adults take one (1) tablet daily. For best utilization, take with food. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications that you take with your health care providers.


Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Servings Per Container: 180

Amount Per Serving:

Chelated Magnesium 250mg

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