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E-Pharm Ursobolic 120 Caps

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E-Pharm Ursobolic 120 Caps

E-Pharm Ursobolic is a revolutionary product that helps burn fat, while preserving muscle mass. Extensive research has been done, and it is both safe and natural. The active ingredient in Ursobolic is Ursolic Acid, which was shown to increase muscle growth by 15% in testing on mice. Ursolic Acid shrinks fat cells and blocks fatty acid synthesis. Ursobolic may also regulate estrogen levels and increase testosterone production. This is a truly unique product that attacks body re-composition in a variety of ways.

E-Pharm Ursobolic 120 Caps Benefits

• Decreased Body Fat

• Increased Testosterone Production

• Safe and Natural

• Higher Muscle Growth


Consume 3-6 Caps three times a day with food. This product does not have to be cycled.


Serving Size 3 Caps
Servings Per Container 40

Ursolic Acid 150mg (from Loquat) (600mg total extract)

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