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Evogen GlycoJect 2.2 Lbs

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Evogen GlycoJect 2.2 Lbs

Evogen GlycoJect is a carb-loading pre/post-workout supplement. Glycogen is the primary source of energy for muscles. GlycoJect is designed to load muscles with glycogen to be used for strenuous activity, and is ideally suited for endurance athletes, fighters, and bodybuilders. GlycoJect provides sustained energy for racers, helps with recovery from a weight cut by fighters, and helps bodybuilders with increased hardness.

Evogen GlycoJect 2.2 Lbs Benefits

• Sustained Energy

• Ideal for Athletes

• Improves Recovery

• Supports Lean Muscle Mass


GlycoJect is designed to be used before, during, and immediately after training, to help maximize endurance, pump, and nutrient transport.

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