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EXT Sports GO 30 Servings




EXT Sports GO Pre-Workout 30 Servings

EXT Sports GO is an exciting new pre-workout supplement designed to help you build muscle rather than just providing energy. Go will give you plenty of energy, and also help with your mental focus. This product is sugar-free, and contains super-ingredients like Creatine and Beta-Alanine to help build muscle and delay muscle fatigue.

Creatine offers a variety of benefits including increased strength and improved recovery time. Beta-Alanine helps delay muscle fatigue, allowing you to break through barriers and push out the last 1-2 reps that will help your muscles grow bigger and stronger.

EXT Sports GO 30 Servings Benefits

• Delayed Muscle Fatigue
• Increased Size and Strength
• Improved Recovery Time
• Sugar-Free


Suggested Use: Use on training days only. Take one (1) serving (1 scoop) approximately 15-30 minutes prior to training, blended into 6-8 ounces of cold water or beverage, or as suggested by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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