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High Performance Nutrition P(3) Pure Energy 20 Servings




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High Performance Nutrition P(3) Pure Energy

High Performance Nutrition P(3) formulated a Pre-Workout supplement with one thing in mind, not only did they want you to feel the exhilarated rush of bar-bending intensity, but want to also promote lean mass gains and burn fat.

When you’re crazy about working out, you want to find the absolute supplement that will not only give you intensifying pumps but also mind blowing strength. P3 is the right pre-workout to deliver just that! P3 is the only formulated Pre-workout of its kind, and HPN is the only company who has attempted to use ingredients at a truly effective dosage. P3 was formulated based upon data gathered in over 100 clinical studies and over 20 year of experience working with REAL athletes and training fanatics.
Every ingredient in P3 has been chosen for exact purpose and is dosed to allow the user to see and feel the mind blowing benefits of P3. P3 contains no confusing and deceiving proprietary blends, just exactly what you need to have the best work out of your life, every time!


  • Intense pump
  • Promotes lean mass gains
  • Burns Fat
  • Intensifying energy


Begin by using half a scoop with 6oz of water 30 minutes pre-workout to assess tolerance.For a full serving,mix one scoop with 8-12 oz of water and consume 30 minutes before resistance or cardiovascular training.

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