IronMag Labs Super Andro Stack


Ironmag Labs Super Andro Stack


Super 1-Andro Rx is a prohormone that has been used over the years for two reasons...mass and strength. This prohormone is very popular for our customers wanting to put on the most mass and strength in the shortest time possible. 1-Andro is one of the few prohormones that converts to 1-Testosterone, which is important. But this type is actually 7 times more probolic and one of the safest on the market. Side effects are always a concern when taking prohormones, but 1-Andro Rx does not convert to estrogen or DHT, so you won't have to worry about bloating.

Super Nor-Andro Rx is a mass gainer prohormone supplement.  Anyone looking for increased size, strength, power and lean muscle mass should try this product.  This product is a safe and 100% legal alternative to probolic unapproved substances.  Super Nor Andro Rx uses a two-step process to convert to master hormone testosterone. Unlike the harsh prohormones of the past, you will get great gains without the nasty side effects of the prohormone past.

Super Epi-Andro helps increase libido and inhibit aromatase enzymes. Stanolone was a very popular prohormone and Epi-Andro Rx (Epistane and Andro) is the newest legal alternative to this product that is no longer available. Our customers love this prohormone because of it's 'dry' characteristics. It's not a 'wet' prohormone. This means more muscle hardness for a solid, more ripped physique. The perfect supplement for cutting. And who doesn't want this? Why do Customers Love Epi-Andro Rx? because it's 5x more androgenic than testosterone, it doesn't require high dosages to give you the performance you want. This means your liver has to work less, which means less side effects. And because it's a dry compound, you will not only gain lean muscle, but it can aid in fat loss too!

Super 4-Andro Rx is a prohormone that is the next generation of 4-andro from IronMag Labs. This is for those wanting to blast through plateaus, both in strength and muscle mass. This product was made to help dramatically increase lean muscle mass and strength. Customers are gaining up to 10lbs from just one cycle of 4-andro. This product is also going to increase testosterone to give you that alpha male euphora feeling all day long. IronMag Labs only uses Phamaceutical Grade ingredients in all their products, so you know you are getting the best 4-andro available on the market today. If you are looking to bulk up and increase muscle mass, this is the supplement for you. This new formula promises more muscle mass, more aggression and even more libido boosts than the previous formulas! So if your goal is to build up more lean muscle mass and power, this is the prohormone for you.

R-DHEA is known as “Reduced DHEA” because it is a 5a-reduced metabolite of DHEA. It’s more commonly referred to as androsterone. It converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), not testosterone. This is why this product is great for increasing aggression, sex drive, and physical strength. But because it also doesnt convert to estrogen, it's perfect for those looking to lose weight and drop excess water retention and get that dry look.


Super 1-Andro Rx

  • Lean Mass Gains
  • Strength & Power Gains
  • Can also be used to get that ripped look
  • Does not convert to estrogen
  • Does not convert to DHT
  • No bloating
  • Non-methylated

Super Nor-Andro Rx

  • Designed for Alpha Males
  • Increased Size & Strength
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • No Conversion to Estrogen
  • Increase power output

Super Epi-Andro

  • Aggression in the Gym
  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increased Fat Loss for a Ripped Look
  • More Focus
  • Non-methylated

Super 4-Andro Rx

  • Increase Testosterone
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increase Strength
  • Improve Recovery Times
  • Better IGF-1 & GH Levels

Super R-Andro Rx

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increase Strength
  • Burn Fat & Drop Excess Water
  • Increase Sex Drive & Libido
  • More Aggression in the Gym
  • Alpha Male Feeling

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