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iSatori Restoraid Citrus Punch 30 Servings

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Rebuild Muscles 8:1:1 Amino Acids. Reduce Soreness p-Enzymes. Recover Faster di-Electrolytes. Full Spectrum Muscle Recovery System. The True One-Scoop Formula. A Full Spectrum Muscle Recovery System, scientifically engineered for serious athletes who require full muscle restoration and recovery that delivers: Superior 8:1:1 Leucine-Isoleucine-Valine Amino Acid Ratio to help promote greater Probolic mTOR pathway activation. Complete Protease Enzyme & Co-factor Therapy Matrix to Reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), so you can get back into the gym sooner and train harder. "Superhydration" Phosphate Electrolyte Complex to keep your intra-cellular muscle cells fully hydrated for maximum muscular performance and to aid in muscle repair. Exclusive Waxy-Maize (sugar-free) Transport Delivery System for Quicker Uptake and enhanced bioavailability of BCAAs to trigger greater muscle protein synthesis, faster. Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility. Made in the USA. Sugar-Free. Micronized. No Stimulants. No Creatine. No Artificial Flavors or Colors.

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