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Keto Coffee 30 Servings





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Sparta Nutrition Keto Coffee

The Ultimate Coffee Cream for Keto Dieters

If you are like me, you have started looking at all the coffee creamers at the grocery store and wondering what is actually in them!? Is there even cream? Corn syrup solids, sugar, low-fat milk, caramel and other things I can't even pronounce. One thing these companies did well is make it taste great, but nothing good for low carb or keto dieters. 

If you want to break your fasting quicker than ever, go with one of those other coffee creamers!

Oh...and you could add coconut oil, butter, creams, but then you are going to have something that either tastes terrible or ends up being a oily mess everywhere. Nothing you want in the morning, especially when rushing off to work or school.

This is where Sparta Nutrition has finally come in with their Keto Coffee. The premium MCT oil coffee creamer.

Benefits of Sparta Nutrition Keto Coffee

  • Great flavors including Caramel Macchiato, French Vanilla Bliss and Hazelnut Dream
  • Low Calorie
  • Low Carbohydrate
  • Sugar Free
  • No GMO's

Why Take Keto Coffee Creamer?

This is going to enhance your morning by keeping you in ketosis and allowing you to drink your coffee and it be delicious! It is made of a high quality blend of MCT oil powder and will not only help you reach your weight loss goals, but it also has a wealth of health benefits for your body.

Sparta Nutrition understands that the Keto Diet is very popular right now and wanted to formulate a product that is truly keto-friendly that actually tasted good. This is how Keto Coffee was created.

Why are MCT's so Important?

These fats bypass the liver and are used almost as an instant energy source. Once it is broken down, it increases ketone levels in the body. All great things, especially in the morning.

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Easier Way to get into Ketosis
  • Supports Brain Function


Use like you normally would with any coffee creamer. Mix or stir 1 serving of Keto Coffee with your coffee, tea or favorite beverage. Can use multiple times per day.

Ingredients & Label

Keto Coffee

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