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Keto Shred Mango Pineapple 40 Servings



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Keto Shred Mango Pineapple 40 Servings

The Ultimate Keto Supplement!

With all the fat burners on the market today, how do you choose what is best for you? Well if you are part of the keto team and dieting right now, then Keto Shred is the best product for you. When Sparta Nutrition was thinking about the next fat burner, they looked at what was on the market. One area in the market that has hardly any products was those on keto-based diets. That is why Sparta Nutrition brought forth Keto Shred.

So How is Keto Shred Different?

  • Uses only natural sweetners
  • Full clinical doses to increase thermogenesis
  • Uses only safe ingredients
  • Uses goBHB®, the only exogenous ketone source to receive GRAS designation, which stands for Generally Recognized as SAFE
  • Ingredients to support controlling cortisol and giving you healthy stress levels
  • Controls your appetite and eat less
  • Helps you boost your body's metabolism

What are goBHB® Salts?

This is the main ingredient in Keto Shred. With this ingredient, your body can shift itself into Ketosis at a much faster rate than even before.With having them available for energy, this product can act as a pre-workout and give you a huge boost in energy levels. 

MCT Powder

Love coconut oil? MCT's are the reason it is a superfood. This can help boost your metabolism and even support fat loss. Sparta Nutrition has seen some research suggesting that MCT powder can help new keto dieters get into ketosis quicker and even reduce the "keto flu" time. What an ingredient!


We all know the power of caffeine. This can boost your energy levels all day help you burn more fat.

Sensoril® Ashwagandha

This is one of the most studied ingredients in the world. It can help reduce your stress levels, which is great while dieting, because you won't have to worry about stress-eating!


This ingredient was added to Keto Shred not to burn fat, but to help lift your mood. It supports stress relief and can even reduce the jitters that sometimes come with caffeine consumption.


This ingredient is considered a glucose disposal agent. Helps control blood sugar levels in the body.

Grains of Paradise

While this ingredient is growing in popularity, it's not very well known in the fitness industry. It has the potential to drive brown fat thermogenesis, which is an amazing feat. This means a huge boost in metabolism.

Directions & Dosage

Sparta Nutrition recommends mixing one scoop pre-workout, or if it is a rest day, take in the morning.After your tolerance is measured you can add an additional scoop. Do not take more than two scoops in one day.

Ingredients & Label

Keto Shred Ingredients

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