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Life Extension

Life Extension Rich Rewards Decaf Roast Ground Coffee 12 Oz



Life Extension Rich Rewards Decaf Roast Ground Coffee 12 Oz

  • One Smart Cup of Coffee
  • Antioxidant Coffee
  • Certified Organic Arabica Coffee
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • USDA Organic
  • Health Roast

We have a quality brew for you!

Certified USDA organic Arabica coffee beans

Concerned about caffeine? Limit your caffeine intake with Rich Rewards™ Decaf Roast without compromising a bit of gourmet flavor. The caffeine is removed through a completely chemical-free water process, which relies solely on water and carbon filters … and delivers the full flavor, aroma and body of these antioxidant-packed Arabica beans.

Deep in the rainforest of Central America grows a premium Arabica bean that supplies the richest flavor and a wealth of nutrients. With Rich Rewards you can enjoy hand-picked Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans using traditional and ecologically sustainable coffee-growing practices. But Rich Rewards doesn’t stop there in ensuring you’re getting the “smartest” cup of coffee available. Rich Rewards’ beans are 100% USDA “Organic Certified beans. So sit back and savor a cup of Rich Rewards coffee, and be assured that the rainforest is also starting its day on a healthy note.

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