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Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil 1 Oz

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Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil 1 oz

Tamanu Oil is has been around for thousands of years, and is used by Pacific Islanders to rejuvenate and renew skin. The oil is used to treat burns, stretch marks, insect bites, and improve the complexion of skin. Life-Flo Tamanu Oil is 100% pure and paraben-free.

Life-Flo Pure Tamanu Oil 1 oz Benefits

• 100% Pure Tamanu Oil

• Treats Skins, Burns, and Stretch Marks

• Improves Skin Complexion

• Cold pressed from nut kernels without using heat or chemicals


Apply to all sensitive skin areas as needed. Very little Tamanu Oil is needed as it takes just a few drops to cover the affected skin area. Penetrates quickly and provides soothing comfort


100% pure organic Tamanu Oil.

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