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Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars 12/Box

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Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars

Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars are ideal for athletes and bodybuilders on a high protein diet. Protein is king when it comes to building muscle, and Protein Plus Bars not only taste amazing, but conveniently add 32 grams of protein to your daily intake. Each bar also contains 21 vitamins and minerals, and has no Trans Fat or Concentrated Sugars, which are quickly stored as fat. Protein Plus Bars will help satisfy your hunger in between meals, and can be taken for post-workout nutrition.

Met-Rx Protein Plus Bars Benefits

• 32 Grams of Protein

• 21 Vitamins and Minerals

• 0 Trans Fat and Concentrated Sugars

• Delicious Taste


Consume a Protein Plus Bar anytime you want a delicious snack, for post-workout nutrition, or as a meal replacement.

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