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Motiv-8 Hydrate

Hydrate Your Muscles for Better Recovery!

This is the perfect "Drink all Day" powdered supplement. It is the most complete Hydration system you can give your body. Is it a low calorie, delicious, packed with everything you need to feel better, perform to your max, reduce potential injuries and recover faster than ever supplement from the team at Motiv-8. Live each day to it's max with Motiv-8 Hydrate!

Nature created water and Hydrate is the world's premier hydration system. Stop drinking useless colored drinks, drink HYDRATE!

  • Electrolytes - Reduce cramping during exercise and maintain proper fluid balance for better performance.
  • B Vitamins - Turn the calories you bring in into useable energy.
  • Beta Power - Keep your muscles nourished and increase protein synethsis for better overall performance.
  • Sustamine - Increase cellular hydration and help reduce total recovery times.

Directions & Dosage

Motiv-8 recommends that you consume Hydrate all day long. Mix 1 scoop of Hydrate with 12 ounces of water and consume though the day. Best consumed pre, intra and post workout.

Hydrate Ingredients

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