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MRI WAR 600 Grams

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MRI WAR 600 Grams

MRI WAR is an probolic recovery product, ideally suited for intra/post-workout nutrition. WAR uses a 3 step approach to promote muscle growth and recovery. In the 1st phase, WAR combines 50/50 Waxy Maize and MM500 Blend to replenish glycogen levels that are depleted through intense excercise. Phase 2 uses heat schock protein to support rapid muscle repair and workout recovery. Phase 3 utilizes the amino acid ratio of muscle, a process that mimics the precise ratio of amino acids in our muscle. The formula also includes Crea-Charge, a fast-asborbing creatine, which helps your muscle grow bigger and stronger. WAR provides the fuel you need to get through an intense workout, and then helps your repair and recover in time for your next session in the gym.

MRI WAR 600 Grams Benefits

• Intra/Post Workout Supplement

• Replenishes Glycogen Levels

• Increases Size & Strength

• Repairs Muscle & Tissue

• Accelerates Recovery

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