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Muscle Elements 212 Powder 40 Servings




Muscle Elements 212 Powder 40 Servings

Boil the fat away.

Fat burners are hard to get right. There are some that actually do the job, and then others just give you that heavily stimmed out feeling. 212 is actually a very effective fat burner with just a one serving dose. It contains 3 blends of ingredients to boil the fat away, boost your mood, and suppress hunger. It is available in this powder form as well as a pill form. It is also openly dosed, like other Muscle Elements products. 212 is perfect for any man or woman looking to max out physical performance and burn away the unwanted stored fat they haven’t been able to get to with other products.

Benefits & Results

  • Thermogenic fat burning

  • Improves your mood

  • Controls appetite

  • Removes excess water

  • Higher energy and mental focus

212 Ingredient Blends

Thermogenic & Nootropic Amplifier Elements - contains caffeine, synephrine HCl, yohimbe HCl, and vinpocetine to increase energy levels, focus, lipolysis, and curb hunger.

Fat Oxidation & Core Temperature Activator Elements - consists of evodiamine, octopamine HCl, and bioperine (black pepper) to support fat oxidation and amplify absorption of main ingredients.

Definition & Tightening Elements - contains 3 herbal water loss support ingredients: dandelion, juniper berry, and uva ursi. These are useful for getting rid of excess water to see more defined muscles.

Directions & Dosage

Muscle Elements recommends that you mix 1 scoop with 4 to 6 oz of cold water on an empty stomach upon waking. For maximum results a seconds serving can be consumed mid-afternoon or 5 hours before sleep. DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN 2 DOSES IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD. Drink at least 120 oz of water daily to avoid dehydration. Store in a cool dry place.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (6g)
Servings Per Container: 40
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value ‡
Fat0 g0%
Total Carbohydrates2 g1%
Sugars0 g0%
Calcium20 mg0%
Thermogenic & Nootropic Amplifier Elements™
Caffeine Anhydrous (Methylxanthine)200 mg**
PEA (Phenylethylamine HCL)100 mg**
L-Theanine50 mg**
Synephrine HCL30 mg**
Fat Oxidation & Core Temperature Activator Elements™
Green Coffee Bean (Coffea Robusta)150 mg**
[50% Chlorogenic Acid]
Octopamine HCL50 mg**
Bioperine® (Piper Nigrum) (Fruit)5 mg**
Definition & Tightening Elements™
Dandelion Root 20:1 Extract100 mg**
Juniper Berry 4:1 Extract100 mg**
Uva Ursi Leaf 20:1 Extract100 mg**
‡ Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value Not Established.
Other Ingredients:
Maltodextrin, Natural & Artificial Flavors (Milk), Citric Acid, Sucralose, Pectin, Calcium Silicate, and FD&C Yellow #6.
ALLERGEN WARNING: Manufactured on equipment which processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts and peanut flavor.


Before consuming 212°™ seek advice from a physician if you are unaware of your current health condition or have a medical condition, including but not limited to, heart, liver, kidney, thyroid disease, psychiatric or epileptic disorders, difficulty urinating, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, migraine headaches, enlarged prostate or glaucoma. Do not consume caffeine from other sources. Do not use 212°™ if you have any pre-existing medical condition or if you are taking an MAO inhibitor, anti-depressants, aspirin, non-unapproved substanceal anti-inflammatory drugs or products containing phenylephrine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or other medications or over the counter drugs containing stimulants, or any other form of medication. After 8 weeks of continuous use, discontinue for at least 2 weeks. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery. Use only as directed. Not recommended for use by children under 18 years of age. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Consume a minimum of 120 ounces of water daily in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Keep out of reach from children and pets.

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