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Nature's Plus Optifresh Breath Gels 12 Pack

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Nature's Plus Optifresh Breath Gels 12 Pack

Nature's Plus Optifresh Breath is a two step breath freshener that attacks the issue of bad breath in tow locations. This first part of inhibiting bad breath is in the orla cavity and the second part is the stomach and esophagus. If either of these two parts of the body are neglected, all of the breath fresheners in the world will be entirely useless. That's why Nature's Plus has developed the worlds first, standardized botanical formula to treat bad breath from the inside out. Nature's Plus is proud to present Herbal Actives Optifresh Breath Gels, a synergistic fusion of standardized, internal odor eliminating herbs and powerful fresh mint fragrance.


  • Two Step Breath Freshener


  • Provides a natural supplement that aids in treating bad breath
  • Promotes proper health in both the oral cavity and esophagus


Swallow two capsules with liquid after eating. Use anytime, anywhere.


Sunflower Oil (stand.. 69% linoleic acid), gelatin, glycerin, essential oil of peppermint (stand. 50% menthol), parsley seed oil (stand. 7% volatile oils).

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